God Damn Honky Doomsday (2001)

Directed by
Walter X

Writing credits
Rev. Jeremiah Wright (sermons)
Walter X (skits & DVD extras)

Genre: Religious / Documentary / Thriller / Chiller (more)


Plot Summary: Trinity United Church of Christ's Reverend Jeremiah Wright delivers a fiery sermon on the subject of doomsday and specifically "honky doomsday" which he describes as "the day GAWWWWD will deliver us from the WHITE. BEAST." Also includes a montage of videos of Barack Obama hugging Reverend Wright and a clip where Obama states that he "sat and watched every sermon and agrees with every word that (more) (view trailer)

Plot Keywords: Scary as Fuck to White People / Worst Mentors Ever / Barack HUSSEIN Obama / Interracial Men in Robes (more)

User Comments: As an inveterate slavemaster honky and long-time member of the high council of the New World Honky Order I can attest to the accuracy of this video. Reverend Wright pulls away the veil of secrecy surrounding our plans to infect blacks with AIDS and tattoo 666 on their foreheads. His predictions about our green honky blood running in the streets is a little dubious considering we control the military industrial (more)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 4.8 / 10 (6,300 votes)

Cast overview, first billed only:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright ... Himself
Barack HUSSEIN Obama ... Himself
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Black Jesus
Larry Drake ... The White Devil
Wallace Shawn ... The Sinister Jew

Also Known As:

A Black President? Not Bloody Likely, Ye Daft Cunts! (UK)
BAKA (Jpn)
The Reverends Must Be Crazy (Ken)
Oopsy von Der Schwarze Kennedy (Ger)
3 Pollinate {Acetone} 55 Constrict (Xej)
The Evil of Muslim/Christian Extremist Darkies (Fox)

Runtime: 206 min (or until you slump into a restless sleep if viewed in church)
Country: Black America
Language: Fiery Sermonizing Sure to Make You Feel Like Puking
Color: Is not the proper nomenclature, dude
Aspect Ratio: 1:16
Sound Mix: Pastorfon
MOVIEmeter: -7 points on Gallup daily tracking why?
Certification: UK: Yanks Are Fookin Nutters / Japan: Towering Dark Man Fear / Germany: Scheissemeal / Kenya: MACHETE RIOT (All Audiences) / Fox: May Cause Orgasms in Hannities / Black America: A little extreme / White America: Outrage! How could the blacks possibly not love us? / Native America: Father Crow will one day eat you both / Xerenej: Restless Fracture, Gloaming

DVD Extras:

  • Color the Flag: An activity for kids that allows you to use your DVD remote to color in the red on the US flag by clicking on a white man who lashes a black man to fill a bucket with red "paint". Pour the "paint" on the flag and if you finish the flag will wave and a demon will laugh.
  • Commentary Track: Reverend Jeremiah Wright shouts "Amen!" throughout his sermons.
  • Edit Your Own Youtube Video: A fun activity that lets you pick from some of Reverend Wright's most offensive comments to create your own Youtube video sensation. Eliminates all the fuss of removing 90 minutes of talk about love and togetherness and forgiveness and allows you to get right to the "meat" where he yells "nigger".
  • Honky Doomsday Skits: Hilarious skits for the whole family follow the adventures of Black Jesus as he struggles against mean old White Devil and his tricky friend Sinister Jew. Kids will be encouraged to yell at the screen and warn Black Jesus if they see Sinister Jew trying to steal their money. An interactive portion teaches kids to guide Black Jesus through the "American Maze" avoiding White Devil, White Woman, Government HIV, and Sinister Jew's traps on their quest to free America from the yoke of White Tyranny.
  • Pop-up Obama: When Barack Obama's face appears in the corner of the screen you can press the "info" button on your remote and Obama will tell you whether or not he was in church while the sermon was being given.


  • Reverend Wright's original draft of the "9/11" sermon included a description of New York City firefighters as "goblins from hell". This was considered too offensive and was later revised to just "goblins" as seen in the video.
  • Director trademark: Incomplete crossfades to a singing choir and 3D cube wipes during transitions.
  • The UK cut of the DVD replaces Reverend Wright's "God DAMN America" speech with, "What did the Queen ever do for Chicago's South Side? Nothing! It's not God save the Queen, it's God KILL the Queen!" He then stares into the camera and rips a photograph of the Queen of England in half.
  • White members of Trinity United Church of Christ are always forced to wear burlap bags over their head with the word "RACIST" written in chalk on the front. You can see some of these people during audience pans.
  • Director trademark: Camera shaking from applause.

AMDB Memorable Quotes:

Reverend Wright: Some of you know I keep a messy office. I know, I know. Well, when I realized how messy it was getting I decided to hang up a sign. I could have put up a sign that said "God BLESS this mess". No, not God BLESS this mess. God DAMN this mess. God DAAAAMN this mess.

Reverend Wright: Martin Luther King had a dream of a promised land, but this land ain't nothing but lies. Osama Bin Laden? A dream? I have a picture! I know this, I have seen a picture with Osama Bin Laden eating dinner with Donald RUMS-feld and DICK Cheney. He is just another RICH white man in a different HAT.

White Devil: Black Jesus has freed all the slaves and there is no one to do all of our toil! We'll have to figure out some new way to enslave the proud African Americans.
Sinister Jew: Heh, heh, heh, yes! Perhaps some WELFARE and CRACK COCAINE will turn you back into our slave, Black Jesus!
(They sprinkle WELFARE and CRACK COCAINE on Black Jesus)

Reverend Wright: God DAMN Honky Doomsday is coming! It's coming! Your iPhones all gonna break! You gonna forget your etrade passwords! Locusts gonna come up out of your Blu-ray! Toyota gonna stop making the Prius! The earth is gonna crack open and swallow up Starbucks! Jungle fever gonna go airborne vectoring and shit!
Barack Obama: Look, understand this, when I am president wild-eyed black youths will rule the streets and take your wives. This is about revenge.
Reverend Wright: HONNNNNNKY DOOMSDAY!!!! Ya'll gonna get yours! We'll make you our slaves! Ooooooooga Boooga! Ooooooooooooooga Boooooga! LIVE IN FEAR WHITE DEVIL!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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