Dangerfood (2009)



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Release Date:22 Jun 2009 (USA) more
Genre:Documentary | Disgusting Montages | First World Guilt Orgy | Huffington Post Science | Shock Pukers | Stock Footage of Fat Stomachs | Nutritionish Holisticry
Also Known As:"Frankenfood's Monster: You're Eating Death"
Tagline:The food America is dying to eat...
Plot:A terrifying look inside the industry of food production and the various crimes required by USA corporations to put food on your plate, fatass.
Plot Keywords:Menacing Graphs | Disgusting Lists | Guts in a Machine | Starving Africans | Obese Americans | World's Heaviest Hand | Puking | Weird Pediatric Cancers | Flammable Tap Water | Quinoa | Magical Native Americans | Caveman Dietary Genius | Sinister Music | Sinister Corporate Logos | Sinister Chemistry Terms | Nip Slip
User Comments:Changed my life completely! I used to enjoy eating chicken, having a hamburger or cookie from time to time, or drinking a cold can of soda, but after watching this movie my eyes have been opened. Now I eat only Seitan and locally-sourced kale and drink only water I catch in my rain barrel and filter through gravel in more


Grand Jury Prize at Smug Vegan Waif Awards (2009)

Silver Medallion from the Raw Food Film Institute (2009)

Best Documentary at Brandytea's Health Food & Vitamin Co-op (2010)


Matt Damon...Trustworthy Voice
Guru Greenstalk
...Honest Organic Farmer

Donald Rumsfeld
...Probably Involved Somehow

Lisa Reynolds...Pepsi Propagandist
Doug Kelly
...Nestlé Stooge

Barack Obama...Monsanto Meat Puppet
Chief Proud Pudding
...Native American Wizard

Fun Stuff


This was director HÉBERT's debut film following his completion of the associates program in TV and video editing at the Indianapolis School of Okay Arts. He did do some work on the weather green screen for ABC Channel 2 "Southern Indian's Best" out of Evansville.

A version of the DVD for Dangerfood includes a deleted scene in which Matt Damon, as his character Jason Bourne, dies from eating trans fats. This was cut at the last minute because what do trans fats really know about Treadstone?

Famed director Lars Von Trier cites Dangerfood as one of the biggest influences behind his 2011 comments in favor of Nazism. "We go to a place of darkness inside the caverns of our bodies. We find there the grinder that creates the sausage and inside it, not only the animal, but the human. Us. We are the sausage. This is why I said I liked Hitler."

Director HÉBERT was born Josh Smith, but he changed his name to HÉBERT to prevent any confusion between himself and deceased early 20th Century sound engineer Joss Smith. Despite his efforts, HÉBERT' is regularly mistaken for Joss by fans and the media.

Chief Proud Pudding is an adopted member of the Lakota Nation. His actual name is Eugene Hirsch and he is wanted for counterfeiting a game license for a sex criminal in Idaho.

The scene in which bovine cysts explode on the slaughterhouse floor, showering pus and blood all over the workers, who then scoop up the pus and place it into a bin of severed steer penises intended for baby food, was filmed on the set of Saw 8: Bud the Saw.


Factual Errors: McDonald's hamburgers have never been measured to consist of "75% or more cow gums, eyelids and scabs." It is 60% at most.

Crew or Equipment Visible: A pair of industrial paint mixers are visible on screen during most interview scenes and they are switched on for transitions so their clatter drowns out the objections of the interviewee.

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Chief Proud Pudding, formerly stage actor Eugene Hirsch before a conversion to half-read Native American mythology, could never have "summoned a bear spirit from the sky." He is not a sufficient level in Native American.

Factual Errors: Humans are not the "only animals on this earth that subjugate and feed on lesser beasts." Finches also do this.

Factual Errors: It is repeatedly suggested that Donald Rumsfeld can read.


Matt Damon: (VO) In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said that all things are connected by our past, and that our present state is just a single step in a journey through the golden fields of the eternal spirit. Eating is much the same.

Guru Greenstalk: Are you going to sit there and tell me that something that comes out of an animal is less healthy than something that comes out of a machine? Did we come out of machines? I don't think so.

Matt Damon: (VO) Up until the 19th Century, antibiotics did not exist. There were no antibiotics to inject into pigs or hormones to pump into our cattle. Have you seen how small chairs were back then? How small the coffins for elderly 45-year-old men were?

Matt Damon: (VO) One of the greatest champions of Keeblerization of the baby food industry was Donald Rumsfeld and the Project for a New American Century. Since 1975, the amount of elfin fudge contained in baby biscuits has more than quadrupled, and where does the money go? Not a bakery in a tree. It goes to the Cayman Islands.

Matt Damon: (VO) America's largest food producers don't care about the health of consumers or the need to make an informed decision. They only care about the company's bottom line.
Pepsi Propagandist: Combined, our brands sell more than the competition and make us the most popular soft drink manufacturer in the world.
Matt Damon: (VO) But nutrition isn't a popularity contest. It's a matter of life and death.

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disgusting bleeding heart liberal propaganda BS 04 Jun 2011

Author: Texan-IBS from United States

hollyweird muppet matt damon goes all the way down the moonbat hole with this crazy attack on the food industry. Guess what?? some of us like our meat full of rancid nodules of fat we want bugs in our grain and cancer particles in our children's milk because GUESS WHAT the food our parents ate is good enough for us and so I will eat whatever the goddang Chinese robot spits out of its food hose into my more

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