AwfulVision™ Presents: reymon14 - A hero for the masses

Hello and welcome this week's AwfulVision™ Presents where I pad my article with a bunch of related videos so that I don't actually have to write about them. This week: you know him, you love him, or possibly you even hate him; yes, reymon14 finally gets his due.

If you haven't had the fortune of happening opon reymon's videos, he is a mentally handicapable teen who loves wrestling, posting youtube videos, and posting youtube videos that are in some abstract way about wrestling. Usually, these will involve him dressing up as his favorite homoerotic grappler, and slurring out some kind of wrestling related rant, such as this:

or challenging other Youtube vloggers to a wrestling match while brandishing a plastic title belt,

Sometimes he'll even serenade you with what can simultaneously be described as the most important post-rock music since Godspeed You! Black Emperor and a retarded child banging on a cheap keyboard.

He also likes to make 10 minute long videos of himself watching two girls poop into a cup and then proceed to eat it (thanks, internet!)

I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but here's a video of it:
Of course, after a hard day of vloggin', it's time to kick back and vlog some more only this with himself playing with his toys.

Move over dog264! reymon14 is clearly a contender for the AwfulVision™ Mascot title! Looking back at this, my only regret is that I used the "article entirely composed of Ha!'s" joke on that vore video a few pages back.

Also, I have a plan and I need your help loyal readers and it's just crazy enough to work:

Reymon14 seems to have no problem posting vlogs about anything and everything that happens on Youtube™ or doesn't happen on Youtube™ or happens on the Youtube™ that exists solely in the autistic wonderland of his mind, so fresh from flaming msjackie69 off of Youtube™, your new project is to get get reymon14 to cut a wrestling-style interview about AwfulVision™ and post it as a vlog. I don't care how you do it: bribery, threats, telling him I stopped watching wrestling when I turned 5, whatever works. You have your mission, readers. This article will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

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