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A few weeks ago, as part of my "Videos that don't suck" update, I featured "Lasagna Cat" by FatalFarm. Apparently there is a benevolent force driving the universe after all, because they apparently make other videos! Like this one, for example: a reimagining of the opening sequence for Disney's Duck Tales.

Plot/Writing: Webbigail agrees to meet up with a "hottie" from Myspace, only to discover it's one of the Beagle Boys! After taking some questionably explicit photos of her (well, she is a duck after all), his compound is raided by the SWAT team who whisk her away and return her to Uncle Scrooge who was... driving the van?! My word! My score? 7/10.

Comedy/Interest Value: This is probably about as funny as Duck Tales-themed duck pedophilia/incest can possibly get. My score? 9/10.

Technical/Execution: Where do these guys buy their costumes? And how do they afford them? Where are my car keys? Damn kids, get off my lawn! My score? 8/10.

Creativity: FatalFarm makes some of the best videos on YouTube and their "alternate" show openings are no exception. My personal favorite is the suicide-themed Happy Days remake. My score? 9/10.

Final Thoughts: There really are some decent videos out there if you look for them. Fortunately, most of them seem to be made by FatalFarm, so they're easy to find. My final score? 35/40.

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