AwfulVision Presents: The Collected Works of T. Zonday

Tay Zonday has a funny voice and sings goofy songs. Some ot these songs have brought him international acclaim; songs like Chocolate Rain and... er...uhmm.

Well anyway, and then there are the songs that aren't Chocolate Rain.

I liked this song better when it was called "Working for the Weekend" and when it was sung by Loverboy and when it didn't suck.

If I keep listening to this, my wall is going to be Red On The 8th Of April because I will blow my fucking brains out.

"Hey guys, I bet I can write a 3 minute song using only two bars of actual music."

My internet dream is to wake up and find Tay's obituary on the front page of Yahoo.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe you don't have mainstream success because "you are an ironic internet joke" and not because "you're weird".

And I know YOUR secret, Tay. You're only as popular as you are because 4chan liked you ironically enough to get your videos bumped to the top of Youtube.

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