YouTube Poop: The Ultimate Meme???

Combining bits from pretty much every dumb internet catchphrase ever, making it's AwfulVision debut this week: YouTube Poop. The idea is simple: take some sound clips from those horrible CD-I Zelda and Mario games, a few sound bites from various commercials, cartoons and other sources and edit them together with a healthy dose of MSPaint.

Plot/Writing: Some YouTube poop is just SUPER WACKY random shit. Some of them attempt to have plots. In the Poop linked above, Link discovers he has prostate cancer. In the end, he gives the king a prostate exam. Unfortunately, like half the video is the stupid opening and closing credits. My score? 4/10.

Comedy/Interest Value: Prostate cancer is nothing to laugh about. My score? 0/10.

Technical/Execution: Horribly spliced together, horribly edited and possessing the worst pacing since the heyday of blaxploitation films. However, I'm pretty sure you have to try pretty hard to be this horrible at making videos, so I'm gonna give them a 9. Ironically. My score? 9/10.

Creativity: Using only a limited number of sound bites, YouTube Poopers have approximately 7 trillion YouTube Poop videos. If that doesn't take creativity, I don't know what does. My score? 7/10.

Final Thoughts: If you are above the age of 40 or have a family history, PLEASE get annual prostate exams. My final score? 20/40.

That does it for another week of AwfulVision! I think this is the most time I've spent typing in... well, ever. If you'd like to send in some terrible videos for me to review, send them right here. Also, be sure to join our YouTube channel. I've actually been non-lazy and have uploaded new videos, so it isn't totally pointless anymore (much unlike my life).

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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