Leave Chris Alone! (Maybe then he'll stop making videos)

He's an outrageously flamboyant cross-dresser and made himself known with his "leave Britney alone" video. Now he's appearing on Maury. Chris Crocker is living the dream!

Plot/Writing: Chris's schtick is that he's gay, loud and totally in your face about everything from pop culture to sex to fashion. He is one of the beautiful people and FUCK YOU if you are a hater. Wash, rince, repeat 50 times and there you have it. *yawn* My score? 2/10.

Comedy/Interest Value: I'm honestly more confused that amused. I'd find this way funnier if I knew exactly what he was trying to parody. Gay people? Drag queens? Attention whores? Maybe it's not a parody, maybe he's just trolling Christians (hats off to him, if that's the case). Maybe it's some kinda meta-meta-parody of YouTube sensations. Maybe he's commenting on the internet culture in general. Maybe my 3 is really an 8. My score? 3/10.

Technical/Execution: He looks the part and has probably riled up his fair share of super conservative evangelical Christians, so I'd call that a good execution of whatever he's trying to accomplish. My score? 6/10.

Creativity: Eh. Miss Jackie riled more people up. The Incredible Racist's offensive material is more funny. Chris isn't so much creative as just incredibly lucky. He's like the Tay Zonday of possibly-fake Youtube attention whores. My score? 4/10.

Final Thoughts: At least he only has 48 videos instead of, say, 400 like Miss Jackie had. My final score? 15/40.

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