I find myself at a crossroads...

Submitted by moodybabydoom

I don't know whether to be terrified of this hellspawn abomination or angry that the gorilla "just so happens" to sound like a black dude.

Look at all these words

"If U think these R SCARY-U wouldnt like the types at DISNEYWORLD-PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN/or the spooks used in HAUNTED MANSION-I bet U Rÿ 1 of those people who would disapear right quick*like where cartoons have people make hole in wall running from something scary!-LMAO!* if something just materialized and just said BOO (Not yell the word-Critter only say it )"


"Ya people always try to improve shit and end up fucking it up and make unpopular and the true fans are pissed and disappointed!ÿ And then we wait for some body like these guys to bring it back and make it cool again by posting it on Youtube! Stop the fucking cycle!"


"The guyÿ that programs these robots takes bids for the next song. That's how he can make loot. It probably takes many, many hours of computer work, as well as sound recording. I extremely highly doubt that he (or she) would program a 5 minute song, do vocals, and record it all as a request. sheesh."


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