Submitted by David H.

This little bit of aversion therapy is a good start, but if we're going to do anything to stem the tide of the fat nerd epidemic in America, he'll need to make videos for Mt. Dew, Funyuns, Slim Jims, Count Chocula, anime and those computer cases that have transparent sides to show off your wicked sick motherboard.

Critics Corner

"Now I know how Alex Delarge felt in "A Clockwork Orange"ÿ when they used the Ludovico technique and destroyed his ability to love Beethoven.

I'll never be able to eat another Ch...Ch-urrrrgh...Ch-arrrrgh.. .*gack!*..."seasoned, extruded corn-meal snack food" again."


"After watching this I resolved never to eat cheetos again, not even theÿ puffy kind."


"that was fuckin gay bitch you fuck to many things next time you fuck a cowÿ ass hole"


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