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Wherein Alexyss K. Taylor takes a well deserved break from making unintentionally hilarious sex ed videos and starts the inevitable spiral into madness and darkness that we all knew was coming sooner or later.

One woman's descent into the depths of insanity

"@traciew37 yuÿ young dumb cock sucking rotten cum drankin bitch thats all you are arent you!!! A FUCKIN LOSER thats riding my hot dick and you cant stay off my page you are fascinated with my ass you lesbun bitch!!! bitch wipe my pussy of yo face and find another bitch to chase!!! SILLY RABBIT tricks are for kids"


"YES childe Im kuntyÿ its Ausar, Auset the kemetic principles so study african egyptian principles"


"@t4swillia3 WE are already holy sanctified and pure we are the oldest being here at one time we impregnated ourself and didnt need a man for that. a lot of men have filthy sperm that defiles a womans temple so yu not doin us a favor by givin us yourÿ sperm., we must check you"


"@t4swillia3 yu get itÿ right you need a egg to fertilize with your sperm to make men you cannot grow a baby in your prostate you can never giv birth to me I can and always will give birth to you!!!"


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