parents have recently been holding their children back from buying their cars at licensed dealers, and have instead turned to homeopathic solutions for car parts after hearing concerning rumors of rising cases of autotism


dealerships that are "ore to car" with detailed diagrams of where the metal ore made in the construction of the car comes from as well as handwritten letters of authenticity.

some of these have been debunked as they regularly use parts from Mexico or aftermarket third-party dealers.


a drive-through car dealership, where you don't even have to get out of your car to get into another car


Human Derby. 100 people into an arena surrounded by cars.

They all start their engines while the massive crowd is screaming their lungs out cheering for the cars to hit the humans. Winners are the cardriver who killed most people and the last human to survive without injury (!) wins a car.


car dealership where the salespeople are also strippers that grind on the customers as they try to look at the cars, drape their naked bodies over the cars to hide the dents and scrapes and give lap dances to customers while they try to read through and sign the papers


door-to-door car dealership. a salesman parks a car in front of your door until you buy it

pig slut lisa

i love it here in the big city, but nothing beats going back for the holidays and buying a car from mom and dad at home

misty mountaintop

Car club: Drive up in your car, drive home in someone else's 

Chill la Chill

Friendly local car dealership sells you cars in blind-buy boxes. 1:60 comes with a foil wrap. Most are lemons but 1:50000 gets you a lamborghini.

albany academy

A normal car dealership with local TV ads, an overbearing local flavour type owner with a 10 gallon hat and catchphrase like "u love cars?! Then you will love THESE cars!!" except their cars are just go karts under miniature shells of real cars.


We slow-assemble our cars in a wood fired brick oven because we hate our employees

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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