Have you not played this game before? It's like apples to apples, but with a very very dark sense of humor.


This game right here? Best card game ever. Apples to apples? You'll never want to go back.


there's some dark stuff going on here so get ready! try not to get offended its just a game


*draws card
*smiles softly because i now have the card to end all cards
*places down "two midgets shitting in a bucket" for the next black card, regardless of the prompt

treasure bear

modern day shakespeare lays down his AIDS Orphan card

I Was The Fury

"'After the earthquake, Sean Penn brought Sean Penn to the needy children of Haiti' haha oh man that egomaniacal dick head totally would do someting like that"
"Who's Sean Penn?"
"Uh I think like a singer or something"

Chill la Chill

patiently plays random cards until everyone gets bored so we could move on to the actual good games

mister magpie

I guess this racist joke is OK since it's printed on a card.

*Plays handwritten card with slur on it*


You really haven't had the whole cards against humanity experience until you've had to play it with a bunch of 40 year old women hopped up on too much wine and chocolate and you slowly realize you're the one that's having explain everything to other people who have never heard of half of those things and by the end of the evening they're all staring at you like you grew horns


man this game reminds me of that time a drank half a zima and ended up taking my shirt off

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