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an ultra-hipster car dealership where they only sell two fair trade single-origin models and if you ask for any additional options the caristas give you a dirty look

City of Glompton

the offerings at this franchise dealership seem simple, but go ahead and order your car "animal style" if you're feeling adventurous.


the garage door is very popular in dealership design these days, it lets them really open the place up on nice days and also you can drive the cars through them

pig slut lisa

a car dealership with signs in the bathroom that say "employees must wash hands before touching the cars" but you look at the sales staff and you know that's definitely not happening


Cars just like mom used to make. But only because she lost her entire 401k in 2008 and still has to work at the plant even though she should be retired by now.


the car dealership awkwardly located in the middle of the food court next to the sunglasses hut


the same thing as one of those game show booths where money blows around and you grab it, except bigger and with cars instead of money


italian-american dealership in a strip mall selling bland americanized versions of italian cars for way too much money, for some reason old people love it though. they also double as a fiat delivery place

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the giant blue Swedish dealership that's a mile-long labyrinthian showroom where couples argue and in the very back there's a factory where they have to slap on welding masks and build the car they want from a kit

City of Glompton

self-diagnosing as environmentally conscious has become very popular these days, and dealerships aren't afraid to cash in by offering plenty of 'low emissions' and 'electric' options to consumers. unfortunately, strict environmentalists know most of these cars still have a significant carbon footprint, and are often full of more toxic batteries than "normal" cars. go ahead and drive a car that you don't have to gas up all the time if it makes you feel better, but don't forget the energy still has to come from somewhere.

pig slut lisa

small cart with bells on it being wheeled down the boardwalk at the beach and it's full of fuzzy dice, bumper stickers, floormats, etc. kids running up yelling for their moms and dads, asking them if they can have five bucks for a windshield sun shade.

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