A memory eraser that only removes your knowledge of the plot of a film (but not your memory of your reaction to it) so you can rewatch your favorite movies for the first time


A remote detonator you can feed to ducks so you can hunt them with a lightgun and not need a gun or hunting license.


A pair of underwear that tests the moisture content of your farts and lets you know if a shart is imminent.


A pill that makes shit taste like chocolate


A heavy wooden cabinet, stained dark and filled with thousands of intricately interlocking brass gears. In the center is a heavy crank, that when turned 50 times clockwise, activates the machine. As it springs to life, the cogs begin spinning and whirring in a clockwork waltz, the crank rapidly rotating 50 times counter-clockwise. At the end of this sequence, it will spit a card out of a slot on the front. The card will read "lol steampunk is gay".


A car powered by ghosts so that to refill the tank you just have to drive through a graveyard.


a pair of jeans but the side seam has an ethernet cable in it for quick data transfer


a steam plugin that automatically installs all the nude anime mods for every game that has them (which is literally every game on pc) and then calls the police on you


A Segway with a ring of sneakers for tires so when you drive it around it looks like you're leaving footprints instead of tire tracks. Anyone pursuing you will think you're on foot and thus not attempt to overtake you in a vehicle.


A post on a comedy forum where people suggest humorous improvements to already existing products and services, but with legitimately funny suggestions.

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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