As mentioned in the intro, some Internet users become frothing babies when exposed to cute animals! So to make this theme more palatable to malcontents and also (more importantly) normal people who like jokes, I've included interludes from FYAD pet expert Chef Boyardee, who suggests scores of topics that are well-suited to edgier tastes!

F'ed up pets, pets over the edge, Pissed Off Pets, Pet Eats 100 Pounds Of Experimental Doritos, emo pet gets revenge, pet tips, tricks, and knowledge, gross out and sick pet pics, pet photo funnies, A Pet That's Gone Too Far, strung out pet, emo depressed pet, pet jukes, Pet Juking out a baby, "so-called" pets, Punk Rock Pet Names, pet trapped in chimney says "chimney" 6 times, a pet's worst nightmare - No Bones For Pet, messed up and f-cked up pets, Do Bats Count As Pets, how to ensnare your pet, column of crouching pets, The Pets Of 9/11, sick and disturbed pets, Dark Pet Realities, Pets That Specialize In Crisp/Droning Flatus, NASCAR pets, pit pet fights back, 10 tricks teen pets don't want you to know, Twisted Pet jokes, slow motion pet jerks, Nigerian Pet Wearing Bib (Funny E-Mail), Weird Al Pet Parody, pet crouching over another pet, the dark side of pets, ADHD Pet Knocks A Lamp, repulsive soccer pet, Red White And Blue Pet Salutes Pet Flag, fashionista pet burps.

Frick up, weird, and nasty pet vids, what the CENSORED????? Pets From Coast To Coast, pet escapes my clutches, trick out your pet with 10 Nasty Pet Secrets, pet cusses at its own owner, what is this world coming to?



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