While my friend and I were hanging out elsewhere before a Foo Fighters concert, our moms (also friends) were in the downtown area near where the arena was. It turns out our moms ran into Dave Grohl, who was walking around trying to find a nearby tattoo place, and my friend's mom recognised him. Apparently there was a relatively long conversation about Dave's mother, tattoos, and the town (as an offshoot of getting tattoo parlor directions). And then neither mom remembered to get an autograph or anything.

At the concert though, he announced my friend's name and said 'Your mom says hi, she's really nice'. My friend was very excited, and extremely confused.

However the fact that he spoke at length with our moms in a normal conversation just ensured we would like him forever, being nice enough to tolerate our moms.


A few years ago Dave Mustaine was doing a signing at our record store. When he asked to use the washroom, our manager showed him to it and mentioned that the taps were a bit tight so he'd have to turn them pretty hard. Mustaine replied "I'm not going to piss in the fucking sink!"
No one was really sure why he'd have to clarify that. I guess Dave Mustaine just doesn't wash his hands.

Also, Jason Priestley is one of the nicest guys alive.

Dick Trauma

Back in the early 1980s my family was jaywalking across Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills and a big ol' Rolls Royce stopped to let us cross. The driver just waved and smiled.

It was OJ Simpson.

Sally Slug

I didn't think much of him to start with, but David Lee Roth once tipped me fifty dollars for a takeout order. He did it quietly, too, so I didn't notice until after he'd left that there was a fifty in the tip cup.


I have two:

Muhammed Ali: Met him by chance during the '96 Olympics in Atlanta. We were walking down the street behind a hotel, can't remember which one, and he pops out of this side door with a few guys in tow. We were the only ones on the street. I immediately recognized him and we stood and talked to him for a bit. He asked how my grades in school were and if I was a good kid. Asked if I was enjoying the olympics and all that. He was well into Parkinson stages, so it was obviously hard for him but he seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing in school and the other stuff. Eventually one of the guys he was with told him it was time to go and he left after shaking my hand. Really cool guy.

Bob Sagat: He was doing a show at this comedy club that is attached to a bar that a buddy of mine was DJing at. I was hanging around after the bar closed playing pool waiting for my buddy to finish up when I hear a voice behind me ask if he can play a game with me. I turn around and it's Sagat. He talked with me a bit and played a short game of 9-ball. I didn't see any of the show as I didn't even know he was there until we actually got to the bar, and he seemed kinda sad that I didn't see it. Otherwise he was a pretty cool guy, he bought me a beer and left after the game was over with.


Darryl Hannah at Burning Man in some bar where in order to get a drink you had to get on your knees and suck a monkey statue's penis, which was just a black plastic tube they pour the alcohol through while jeering at you for sucking monkey cock. She was trying to be anonymous and there weren't many people in there, so I just pretended I didn't know who she was. I liked her because she didn't suck the monkey's dick; they served her drink inna glass. She also seemed slightly tragic, which I always like.


Tom Hanks - He was in Memphis filming Castaway and came to the theater I was working at to watch a movie. He was all alone . He came in about 5-10 minutes before the movie started and got a drink and when some of the employees started asking him for autographs he promised he would be back after the movie as it was about to start.

Sure enough, he came back and signed a bunch of stuff. Real nice about it all too and was talkative too.


The summer before my senior year of high school I met Charles Barkley at an auto race in Birmingham Alabama. As we were posing for a photo he looked up at me and asked "how old are you, son?" I told him that I was 17, and he turned back toward the camera and said "you'd make a nice small forward somewhere."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that I'm 6'8" and don't like basketball

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