Buzzwater wasn't too happy about being featured as the Awful Link of the Day two weeks ago. They sent us this angry email fueled by the raw life-giving power of CAFFEINE. Remember, General Patton single-handedly won World War II because caffeine gave him that extra edge. Life evolved when the first caffeine molecules seeped into the primordial ooze. The makers of Buzzwater ejaculate pure caffeine. RAWR DRINK OUR SHIT PRODUCT
Subject: The BUZZWATER Company
From: "BUZZWATER Company"
Date: Tue, March 14, 2006 8:01 am

Hassan Mikal

I would like to take the time in my busy schedule to thank you for your scathing, sarcastic review of our company's web site and nominating the site as Awful link of the day. We would also like to thank you for directing your loyal customers to our site and the hundreds of additional orders these customers purchased via our e-commerce site last week.

Our company was bombarded with e-mails from your customer base in regards to the review and these customers could not understand how such a great product would receive such a review. They loved the site and the products and the whole idea of producing a healthier caffeine alternative to coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks They directed our company via e-mail links to your site and the review.

After a brief glance through your boring vanilla site and its contents of wanna be editors who struggle to make a meager financial existence and spew out racists remarks and content its seems quite evident how shallow you all must be and what a sad site and excuse for accomplishing nothing in life other than wasting valuable time sitting around making fun of others.

Your lame site and editorial shit no matter how bad you hate our site, loss of eye sight and the intentional grammatical errors and words not found in the dictionary on our site are no match for the power of our products and obviously your customers agree by only wasting time reading on your site but spending money on our site. I would not assume they had any intelligence whatsoever reading such crap and wasting valuable time but they have somewhat redeemed themselves for they understood our products and purchased them even after your sabotage attempt.

Thanks once again Doosh Bag

Anastasia Gianta
E-mail Correspondence

Beep beep

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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