BYOB: an island of chill and magic in a sea of madness. : Guards! SEIZE HIM!


He's getting away you fools!

Dads Dip Cup

Guard A : "h-he didn't say 'Simon says', right"

Guard B : "nope"

*staring at each other nervously*

Hugh Malone

Yeah, boss, we sees 'im. Whaddaya want us ta do, like, goes after hims or somethin?


Okay, you got this.

"Hey you, STORP!"

Shit, stop, I mean stop!
God dammit.
Mom was right.


*guards bring back a juicy honeyed ham* "well, this isn't what I asked for, but I am very satisfied with your performance all the same"


Guards, you've lived your life fearing the commitment of a relationship too long. Guards, seize him. Hold him close. Allow yourself to love again.

google THIS

The guards start pelting him chunks of cheese. "No, no, I said SEIZE him!" I yell, shaking my head and wondering offhandedly who scribbled "Larson" on the ceiling.


"I'm sorry, I don't know how to seize him."

>Guards! Grab him!

"I do not see any him to grab."

>Grab the man!

"Who are you speaking to?"

>Guards! He's getting away!

"I'm sorry, I don't know how to he's getting away."

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