Charlie-Barkin, submitted by Constantinople. Sometimes I like to imagine the world before the Internet, not so much to marvel at how far mankind has come with our wonderful technology, but to ponder what certain people might be doing in a world without the Internet. For example, Charlie-Barkin, the subject of today's ALoD. Charlie has a very loaded nappy full of artwork over at Deviant Art and it's all centered on one topic: characters from "All Dogs Go to Heaven" wearing diapers.

When I've first sumbitted the original picture of "Charlie's Pooping", Deviantart banned this picture so I've cut some parts out of the picture and decided to call it "Charlie's Crying" instead.

Charlie is a 20 year old male from Michigan. His interests include Jimi Herdrix [sic], various cartoons, diapers and gay porno.

Try to picture Charlie without the Internet. Having trouble? Can't imagine Charlie sitting in a log cabin after seeing a deer and crafting a fine woodcut of the deer straining to fill a diaper with feces? That's because Charlie-Barkin wouldn't exist without the Internet. Then again, neither would I.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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