No, that's not a gun in my pocket and yes, I am happy to see you

google THIS

and can you please stop shaking your hands like a spaz while you count the bills out? kind of defeats the purpose don't you think?

Heartbroken 2Twice

look, it's written clearly, right here on the withdrawal slip: i'm withdrawing 'all your fucking money'. just a regular, plain ol' withdrawal. don't see what all the fuss is about


Look, when we yelled "everybody get down" we wanted to start a dance party. Don't you like the song that's playing?

Android Blues

i'm opposed to dye packs because they're made using animal products. look it up. yeah that's right motherfucker, i care about the environment. do you?

google THIS

listen, i know small talk is important for building customer rapport, but i'm in a bit of a hurry at the moment, like right now i really could care less that you have a wife and kids

Heartbroken 2Twice

my four buddies and i just want to make a perfectly normal withdrawal before we go on a perfectly normal skiing trip while exercising our 2nd amendment rights. is that so wrong

google THIS

no everybody, seriously, this is a cup that i made out of sticks. it was hard to waterproof, let me tell you


I'm sorry, I was just cosplaying Heat(1995), one of my all-time favorite movies directed by the auteur Michael Mann. Did you know that in the classic diner scene where DeNiro and Pacino are on-screen for the first and only time in film histroy, they actually shoot their scenes seperately? I know, cause I'm a big fan and know the movie by heart. Anyway


ok so you say this is a robbery and i say it isnt. well theres only one way to settle this for sure. *takes a sack of money and starts pulling bills out one at a time* this is a robbery. this isnt a robbery. this is a robbery. this isnt a robbery.....

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