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Been a long time lurker in the Warhammer 40k thread, so I thought I'd post this here -It's the REAL FACTS and it's ALL HERE for thet aking !! 80% of people will have clicked away by now - we in the business of SUCCESS call those people LOSERS! If you want it... TAKE IT!

Here's the facts - there are three corners to the pyramid of wealth. The TIME, the JOB, and the GOAL! And at the center, COMPLETE FREEDOM OF BEING!! Life starts here, so pay attention - You want to achieve GOAL, so you get JOB. You have to put TIME into JOB to get GOAL. But because TIME is in JOB, and you're tied to the location of JOB, GOAL seems further and further away...


The only way out of this rat-race? u]YOU NEED A "MUSE".[/u] This replaces JOB with a steady stream of low effort cash, and frees up TIME for GOAL! The first thing you need is a little something I call a "MUSE".

"I'm no genius... I'm just a regular guy like you - not to mention the smatrest man in the world..."

1. This is type one! It's simple, organic, and relies on a simple thing called the internet. HEll I'm sure all of us know more about this than some Art major - "want fries with that?" Enough joking about - let's get serious now. The basis of this scheme is to run something called "BLOG" and create it to be the most successful and popular thing in the world. Then it's a simple matter of a little SEO magic [see Appendix A: SEO Magic]KEEP READING


  • easy. quick.
  • $$$Make money w ith it
  • Save your money up and buy a CAR!? hell, buy TWO!!
  • Synergy with other MUSE [see MUSE 2]
  • BLOG is a termpermental maiden
  • You have to come up with stuff to put in the blog, and then spend time writing it in there.
  • Boundary conditions of the universe

2. This isthe second one. Number tNUMBER TWO!! My blood is hot and my heart is going like a jackhammer! Two words: Affiliate Advertising! This is a special kind of link that gives you money when people click on it and spend money. Can you say "HTML" yeah!


  • Easy to copy and paste the link
  • You can combine it with #1 [see MUSE 1] put the link on your blog
  • Big $$$ free for nothing money
  • Need to make the text big enough to see and click on
  • Doesn't work

3. Product selling. FFFUCK!! SHIT! EASY NOW, BIGMONEYPIMP! YOU'VE GOT THIS! YOU'RE THE BIG MAN, YOU CAN DO IT! THEY'RE EATING UP EVERY WORD!!!few ways to go about this. For one, you could write a book about a niche, or even two books. The best part about this is that your niche can be anything, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE #1 SUCCESS ELEMENT


  • BLOG
  • HELL


  • Big bucks money generic viagra free $luts lotto URGENT_PLEASE_OPEN.exe
  • No human interaction
  • The most plausible
  • Too easy to get lots of money!?

Continued in next post

TheSpruce Juice


The Spruce Juice has been put on TimeOut for this post. Reason given: pointless spam


Appendix 1: SEO

What is SEO!? I know - it's the basic question to ask. Get smart. Nature called and look who answered. SEO stands for sEarch Engine Optimization and it means you use a lot of words to basically pull the wool over google's eyes!!


Site one uses the meta tag "keyhole" for its locksmith webpage. It gets a pathetic 200 hits per day and later on the webmaster gets hit by a bus.
Meanwhile, site two uses the meta tags "keyhole", "key", "door", "handle", "door handle", "electronc lock", "lock 2", "lock gamer humor" and "lock hair growth gaza". This site gets 200 hits per day as well - yeah, 200 thousand. And that webmaster today? None other than BILL GATES

So you might be wo


Hmm, food for thought there. It really resonated with me when you mentioned money and goal - I guess you could say I was a "loser", haha! I'll be sure to bookmark this thread for later reading.

edit: Fixed spelling.

Severus Joestar

First of all, welcome to the forums and thank you for such an informative OP. I never knew much about e-commerce, so it's exciting to think about money and spending stuff with money. One little "tip" I'd like to impart, based on something my gramma used to tell me: if you think about having lots of money, it's like a cool fantasy dream sequence where you can do whatever you want - and will do anything to make it a reality when you wake up. Anyone recommend any good mass email software?

GoOd MaN

anyone have any good niche ideas? Ive got one for something I'm passionate about that I'm fairly sure it's untapped - it's video games. I can't believe no ones thought of writing about these things before - I've done no research and I'm 40 pages in.

I'm practically cracking my fingers back like a movie hacker in preparation all the typing i'm going to be doing to complete the task of becoming a cool rich scum man. ITs fantastic that getting rich is so easy to do just from reading a forums post. In fact, thinking about it, it seems remarkably improbable, haha. I suppose it is what it is though.

@Severus Joestar: have you tried MailEmAll? I'm DL'ing right now and it seems to have a fairly robust suite of features. -GoOd MaN

Severus Joestar


Edit: Sigh. It seem as though the draconian moderators of this site have once again forced me to clarify my meaning to avoid TimeOut <_<: Thank you, GoOd MaN.

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