This final page contains a whole bunch of images from Scrotum Totem, first of all showing us the fear of garlic known as Alliumphobia.

Being Scottish and having seen Braveheart more than THREE times, fear of the English (Anglophobia) is something I know an awful lot about. Thank you for bringing my plight to the eyes of the world, Scrotum Totem.

According to Scrotum Totem there are a group of people out there suffering from Apeirophobia, or fear of infinity. But are these people also afraid of infinity+1?

Tri as they might, sufferers of Alektorophobia can't stop getting themselves into a flap over the sight of chickens. Scrotum Totem, you're the breast.

I'm scared stiff! It's not through my gigabytes of illegally downloaded internet porn, it's from these chilling pictures which I simply adored. Thanks as always to the forum goons for contributing, the next time I drive a motorcycle I will do a wheelie in your honor. There will be another Comedy Goldmine next Tuesday if you want to check it out. Don't expect an invite to my birthday sleepover if you miss it!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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