i'd probably yell somethin real badass like, "NOT THIS TIME, EZEKIEL" and then hit it with a concentrated fireball of chi

Panic at the Costco

id sing the song about how all the bones connect and see if it started dancing along

Meursault Horny

Can you say dance party!!! Ha ha ha, but seriously, it would probably be pretty scary...


id take the skull off to do a hamlet joke but then the skeleton would just kind of fall over and die because i tore its head off and id feel really bad

Autism Monday

skeletons arent strong but have magic powers.


actually, they take half damage from slashing or piercing weapons and packn quite a whallop!


I would disarm the skeleton, literally, using Ground Bj Fighting Techniques Learned From White Trash Men On Tv, no i will not teach you kicks and takedowns, then i would donate it to the ripleys believe it or not museum, then they would thank me and print my name in the paper because i made a huge contribution to the fine arts. Next

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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