I believe that Spacecob is speaking from experience here.

Our final warning labels come from the virtual pen of Spanish Inquisition.

Don't think you're home and dry just because you have paid attention to these invaluable warnings. Oh no. Dangers can come in many different forms. In the year 2007, threats from the internet, or "pedophiles", are a bigger problem than ever. If you turn your back on your computer for one minute, the next thing you know, you will be downloading one million viruses and if you think that I am exaggerating then you are a goner, my friend. But help is at hand once more, as the trustworthy forum goons have given you a list of the scariest error messages to look for on your computer.

Baby Hobo was first on the scene to help point out the threats facing you every day in computerland.

Things got even more intense, as Cornbread Commander gave us a look at more frightening error messages.

As Evanide shows us, even old dangers can become dangerous new threads with modern operating systems.

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