Gayrod Fink, if I know my internet users as well as I think I do, this motion will be approved in record numbers!

Hoses, it's like you have known me all my life.

I don't think we've had enough song parodies yet, so here's one more from Jonathan Dramatica!

What's that? You want MORE song parodies?! YOU GOT IT! Go get 'em, Leningrad!

No one can dispute that notagoon is deeply in touch with his inner-YouTube user.

Why, even local internet celebrity Scoots Magoo stopped by to give us some wise words of advice.

Last, and most certainly least, Wild Bill took things back in a musical direction. Sing along at home if you know the words.

If you haven't picked up some major safety tips by now, you're in big trouble, because this week's Comedy Goldmine is over with. I'm blowing kisses at my monitor, intended for all of the forum goons who contributed to this vital safety lecture. Next week we will be walking together on the beach, holding hands, stopping only to embrace each other and listen to the sounds of the ocean. I hope you'll join me!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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