Parallax Scroll

i cast lightning bolt


That's the spirit! Cast it loud and proud!!


Wizards are welcomed in my shop, long as their gold is good. However just don't ask me to make custom tabards for their wizard gatherings.


Look if I need someone to clear giant rats from my basement I'll hire a recently escaped convict that will rummage through all my belongings while I watch and occasionally talk about the weather, just like any other sane humble NPC. Wizards just make a mess.


Just like a wizard to talk about how society shuns him for being "different."

Get over yourself, dude. Being an Arcane caster has been socially acceptable for over a decade. Do you have any idea how hard it is being a Druid in 2015? Of course you don't. You're too busy locked in your literal ivory tower pouring over scrolls or bat guano or whatever it is you people use for casting reagents these days. Oh, how brave of you to come out as being a Wizard! Boy, I bet it took a lot of courage to tell your parents that you love reading spellbooks. Ever try and explain to your dad that you want to transition into being a Dire Wolf? Do you have any idea how that conversation goes?

You Wizards have such a persecution complex, as if the entire world is out to get you, when, in fact, they're only out to get a couple of you.

Hell Yeah

has anyone itt tried not being a wizard.


Yeah, I tried it for a summer. I had this girlfriend and she was all like "Hey lets practice our hand to hand!" and I could see she was really into it but I just couldn't keep it up. She was a really sweet girl and I feel so mean telling her all these lies like how my armor is in the blacksmith getting repaired from a battle I was just in or how I totally love getting blood all over me in combat. We are still good friends to this day though, she says she doesn't hold it against me but sometimes I wonder...


I just want to be able to wear my stars and moons robes without people mocking me and trying to burn me at the stake

Also, so sick of people asking me to use my magic to heal them. Do they not know the difference between a wizard and a cleric? Do they know how rude it is to assume all magic is alike?


i dream of a world where there are no classes and everyone is a bard


This is a neat dream, but it doesn't allow people to express themselves enough. Just my opinion. Not to mention I suck at music.


there need to be more regulations against offensive magic imo. i dont have a problem with arcane & elemental resistance, or even basic self defense like magic missile, but theres no fucking reason at all for anyone to be using fireball, or even worse are ppl who use lighting bolt like they actually have any idea where its gonna go next. thats how innocent ppl get killed. how many have to die before we say enough is enough


Oh and what if there is an evil wizard? Huh? Think about that? If I'm not allowed to prep some second level fireballs or something every day who is going to stop some bad wizard blowing up a town? You bards are all the same.

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