BONUS REVIEW: All humor extracted from Extract

by Joseph "Jay Dub" Wade

YYes, Jason Bateman, you really are in this piece of shit.ou know what I love more than a Mike Judge movie? A Mike Judge movie that isn't a boring piece of shit. Idiocracy's terrible treatment at the hands of 20th Century Fox apparently went to Judge's head, because Extract is exactly the kind of uninvolved, laughless comedy that studios love to foist upon old people and chuckleheads. I know this because my theater was full of both, laughing nonstop at the non-jokes in this non-comedy.

Joel (Jason Bateman), it seems, is too busy trying to get laid by his frigid wife (Kristin Wiig) to worry about his extract factory getting sued into the shitter by Gene Simmons. Dean (Ben Affleck) convinces Joel to hire a semi-retarded gigolo to fuck his wife and maybe clean his pool, so that Joel can fuck his newest temp worker (Meg Griffin) guilt-free.

This is literally all the plot that Mike Judge could muster. Two-thirds of the way through Extract, Judge shows up in his requisite bit part to explain how and why any of this matters, just in case the chuckleheads missed it in their stupor. Old people have probably figured it all out by this point, so Judge flavors his character with a funny mustache and some Hank-Hill-isms just to keep them entertained.

There are a few decent laughs to be had along the way, but whereas Judge's previous three films were either hilarious, satirical or incisive, Extract is every bit as vanilla and boring as the shit Joel's factory bottles every day.

Special Effects0
Music / Sound7
Overall16 / 50

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