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Every now and then I get a good e-mail that makes me happy. This is one such e-mail:

Okay first off I am sending this email to you because an article you have is full of slander and I have half a mind to have you sued for it.

This article

To quote your ignorant statement:

"Hey, guess what, this is probably some body's magnum opus. If that doesn't make you feel good about the human race, realize once again that each card in this deck of stupidity is lovingly decorated with a drawing of some sort of animal oozing with the misguided sexuality and hopeless desperation of the artist. Again I say that if these people truly feel like animals, then it's time we start shooting and trapping them like animals."

Right there that last part in bold is a threat, I happen to be a furry and there is a huge community with THOUSANDS of people all claiming this title. That line right there IS grounds for slander. The fursona is a representation of the way someone feels on the inside. You are also insulting hundreds of years of Native American culture. They had totem animals and would try to emulate the characteristics of these certain animals. Yes I know the game you are refering too and the cards are not "a drawing of some sort of animal oozing with the misguided sexuality and hopeless desperation of the artist." There are hundreds of "Anthro" artists that make hundreds and thousands of dollars every year off of their art. To claim it as disgusting that is your own interpretation but to claim that the sexuality of the or that these extremely popular artist are misguided or desperate is slander and just a plain ignorant statement. These artists such as:

Adam Wan,
Patrick Raccoon, etc...

Are very popular artist and make plenty of money of this stuff and are in no way desperate or musguided. Adam Wan even does conventianl art for schools and fairs. Just because YOU don't like something you have no reason what soever to threaten these thousands of people. Its nice that you are ignorant of this community and don't care to take two minutes to understand why we feel this way. Just because you choose not to understand it, that is no reason to cast threats and slander the quality of these people. So you choose to remain ignorant thats nice but too tell the truth furrys are some of the nicest and most considerat people I have ever met. They never exclude someone or choose to single someone out we accept everyone whether the are gay, straight, or bisexual. At one point I was having home life trouble I had more than one furry who offered to drive down, pick me up and give me a place to stay for a little while. Some of these people lived in Washingt on and I in California. Would you do that for someone you know online? I would! So asshole next time you choose to insult someone choose who you insult wisely you fucking prick!

~Blessed Be~

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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