Zack: Guyth, hath anybody theen the cathe for my retainer!?

Steve: I feel sort of sorry for this dude. Wearing his little utility diaper and looking like he can't find his car keys.

Zack: Car keys? He can't find his family. Read the description for him. It's depressing as hell.

Steve: They were driven from their habitat and hunted nearly to extinction.

Zack: The Kuo-Toa is a metaphor for overfishing. Depressingest Catch.

Steve: He is a metaphor that lives in caves and you kill with a sword.

Zack: Just like the Metaphor of the Cave.

Steve: What's that?

Zack: It's where you go into a cave with a wizard and use a sword to kill Plato.

Steve: How the heck does that help with overfishing?

Zack: You kill it with a sword, duh. Haven't you ever problem solved in Dungeons and Dragons?

Steve: I'm not even going to answer that because you're making me pretty mad.

Zack: Sounds like I'm starting to become a problem, Steve. You know what that means!

Steve: I need to murder you with a sword.

Zack: What!? No! I was going to say improve communication to build a consensus. You are always trying to solve your problems with violence. I blame video games.

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