I don't have much time but I need to get this out to the people. What I have to say is very incriminating and that's why I can't tell you my real name or where I come from. There's this thing called the "internet". On this "internet" people all over the world communicate through their computers. While this is all well and good, guess who created the "internet". That's right, the United States government. I have a theory that the US government is intercepting "internet" users' messages and using them against these well-meaning and good people. By using this "internet" the government can arrest you at any time by simply making up a website and saying YOU wrote it. This goes all the way to the top levels of the Executive branch. The only way to stay safe is to boycott the "internet" and keep these government terrorists out of our telephones. If you want to know more meet me up in the treehouse at 0900 hours.

Join me, Spokker Jones, on a magical quest to uncover the worst conspiracy and UFO forums on this great land we call the internet!

I hope these killer death guns from outer space are used to annihilate the two posters below.

First Comcast plans to conquer your living room, then the world!

The truth is out there. Possibly inside of "jabb's" mental health record.

I've met "ziggyboy14's" grandmother and let me tell you she is not a very serious woman. She's always making up stories like, "My chest hurts!", "I can't see!", "Please call 911!", "What are you doing?! Stop for God's sakes!"

People like "scmit377" need a swift kick in the ass and the directions to the nearest Wal-Mart so they can get themselves a fucking job.

The second you mention Art Bell and you're not making fun of him or his stupid show you lose all credibility.

Fuck Jessica Lynch! NBC needs to make a movie about "TahoeGhost's" insane friend!

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