Zack: I didn't know R. Crumb had a super hero team.

Steve: According to Ruby Thursday's description, that red ball on her neck functions exactly like a normal head - she can talk and even eat. And she's really smart!

Zack: Well then what's the point of replacing her head with a red orb? All of the down side and none of the upside: woman being quiet, in kitchen, while pregnant in warlock-collared maternity lingerie.

Steve: I prefer my women with the heads of elderly Asian mystics.

Zack: I wouldn't have been too surprised to see these characters in like the 1950s or something, they're just weird enough to be classic from back then, but coming from the 1980s they just strike me as unpleasantly gross.

Steve: I'm sorry, I can't pay attention to what you're saying, this whole page is a trigger to me.
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