Steve: Amrastisi's horse escapes from your roll attack and flees into the night.

Zack: Well, alright, I know where this wizard guy is, right?

Zack: "It's time we take the fight to him," I declare and I begin riding towards the ocean.

Steve: It requires three days of hard riding to cross the steppes and reach the coast. As you take in the sight of the ocean, you spy a ship with a red sail. It seems to be at anchor with several rowboats parked on the beach. It's a Tauranian ship.

Zack: I ride straight down to the beach and say, "Oh, wow, am I glad to see you guys. You will not believe what happened to me."

Steve: The crew of the ship is busy trading with some rough-looking characters. A few of them walk over and hear what you have to say.

Zack: "Well, it started when I was about three. I had this recurring dream that told me to become the most handsome man in Hyboria. Fast forward twenty-six years and here I am. Oh, yeah, and I was with a Tauron army that got wiped out by shadow men."

One of the sailors seems particularly impressed with your tale. "Where are you headed, traveler?"

Zack: "Oh, wherever my fancy takes me. Are you going to any outlet malls?"

Steve: "I am Bor'aqh Sharaq, captain of this vessel. We travel across the ocean. If you would like to join my crew you must man the oars."

Zack: 'Whatever it takes, I'll do it. I absolutely have to get across the ocean to rescue this woman who said like two things to me. She's being held captive by a wizard."

Steve: The voyage passes fairly uneventfully, although you learn to hate Captain Sharaq. He cruelly forces you to work exceptionally hard to be included. After days at sea you arrive at an ominous island with statues resembling giant gorillas with wings.

Zack: "I'm coming princess whatever to rescue you from whoever! Some wizard guy!"

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