Zack: "Just for fun I'm going to draw this monster with my off hand!"

Steve: My mom makes these giant batches of Christmas cookies every year and one of her cookie cutter mold things looks almost exactly like this. I think it's supposed to be a Reindeer.

Zack: Basilisk the Hissing Reindeer, is not so widely known, and if you ever saw him, you would literally turn to stone.

Steve: He would probably look even tougher with some yellow buttercream piping.

Zack: Maybe some of those horrible little silver ball candies.

Steve: I just realized something. The monster part of this has absolutely no order. I mean it looks like they sort of put some jellies and slimes and stuff together, but the rest of it is completely random.

Zack: "We've got everything from 'Y' to 'H', which just happen to be right next to each other."

Steve: This is also a good example of that bullshit Gygax pulls where he just says "Yo, we covered all this in CHAINMAIL, see you jerks later!"

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