From: Kiarol Miguel
Subject: Flash help.

Jeff K,

Hello, before I start off, I would just like to say; you own me. I am an avid reviewer of your site, and every time I crack up at something listed or reviewed as the case may be. I was mainly wondering, how did you compose 'Lunix'? I have for a long time wanted to learn Flash. However, I have never really had the time to delve into it too much, and by no means am I an artist. Perhaps you could shed some light? (Also, I think you should make that available for download. Seriously funny my man. Seriously...) Well, hope you can help and thanks in advance.

why do yuo "REVIEW MY SIET"?!? Who do yuo work for ID SOFTWARE? I hope not becuase I think Andrian Carmack hates me becuase I maek fun of him becuase hes a vary grumpy man and faught Paul Sneed Muscaley Amaerican Suparhero in a fight too teh death and then Paul Steed left to maek Gameboy games called "ADVENTURES OF BOOBS PART 1-9". and now Andrian Cramakc si grumpey all teh time and makes fights with Smarty Man John Carmack who just wants to make TEAM AREEANA for Quaek and DOOM 3! And hear si my Team Arena MINIREVIEW:

I dont want too review Team Arena for Quaek 3 so shut up and I wont! Instead I will write about Cornalia who si a FEMALE GAMMER and she dose play games for PLANETQUAEK!!!

Cornelai si a famous female gammer!

SHES REPRESTENTING GAMESPY INDUSTRIES witch is run by Mark Surface and his name si "Bastard" because thats what Paul Steed called him when Mark pretended he was Paul Steves girlfrend and Paul found out on IRQ!!! it was a SHAM and bastard said, "OH WELL, tiem too make Gammespy Arcade!" becuase he wanted more money becuase nobodey evar goes to Planatblood anymore becuase all teh updates are "JASON HALL IS A FAGOT" these days.

PS: pleas use Gamespy Arcade so Mark can buy a nother PORSCHE car and mayeb somebodey too work for Fileplanat!

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