HOORAY! It doesn't look like "Force Commander"! Lucasarts is heading in the right direction!

Eventually reaching the conclusion that the business model of "releasing awful games" might not be the best idea for the long-term, Lucasarts has a couple of good looking titles on the horizon. "Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing" features your favorite Star Wars characters in "super deformo" mode, where their heads are approximately 70 times the size of their body. As stupid and childish of an idea as this sounds, the game actually looks good. The backdrops are colorful and vibrant, and the characters have a distinct (albiet disturbing) personality to them. "Star Wars: Episode One: Obi-Wan" also had a very detailed and smooth engine, and should be a promising game once they get the control issue down. "Escape From Monkey Island" seemed to capture the goofy humor and feel of the previous three titles, or at least that's what The Hair Giant tells me. I was disturbed by the noticable lack of eyepatches in "Escape From Monkey Island", and I believe this could be what keeps it from being a truly "excellent" game. The same factor applies to "SWAT 3"; sure, it was a good game, but if it had eyepatches, it would've been a GREAT game. There weren't any peglegs in "SWAT 3" either, if I remember correctly, which is why it didn't get a 100% from Gamecenter.

I love "Star Wars"! This is R2D2, I think.
I'm fairly sure the guy's head on the left was taken from this football player's body. Perhaps it was the work of vandals.
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