Cinema Discusso. Let's talk about movies and... um... movies! Lutherous whisks us into the magical world of cinema.

I saw 300 last night - Zack Snyder of Dawn of the Dead fame returns with Frank Miller's 300, a movie about the 300 Spartan soldiers fighting against a million man army of Persians.

It's finally official: STAR TREK XI by JJ Abrams, coming Christmas '08 - Will Star Trek make its return into the lives of the lonely or will it follow in the footsteps of Lost in Space? Too soon to know but never to soon to speculate wildly!

In Production:The Watchmen[Who watches the Watchmen?] - The Watchmen, a triumph of comic styling and storytelling is being made into a movie. But with rumors of them ditching/cutting down significant parts of the story will it remain true to the original or will it become an action-fest under the Watchmen name?

Direct to DVD movies, has there ever been a "great" one? - When you look in the bargain bin and you see the glossy covers looking back at you don't turn away. For in that bargain bin you can find movies that are far better, and respectively far worse, then whatever Hollywood is making right now.

No Music Discussion. This used to be the file forum where people traded illegal mp3s and whatnot. Then I decided I probably didn't want to get arrested, so I changed it. Now people just discuss their illegal mp3s. Ha ha, just kidding. Sometimes they're in .ogg format. Ask Sir Tonk if you don't believe me.

Album Of the Week, Month, Day Club? - Azazel024 brings a good idea to NMD in the 'book of the month' concept. It's still in the development phase, so now is the time to get in on the idea

Attention College Students: Free, Legal Music Downloading! - OdorousTobacco wants to tell everyone about a free music downloading site for college students. Are YOU a college student? You should be.

Nine Inch Nails Megathread (Beside You In Time: 2/27, Year Zero: 4/17) - Sporadic has changed course since his previous nails thread and is now in megathread territory. Also there's a very special remix of the perfect drug hidden in the thread.

Record collecting (vinyl records) - Do you like records (vinyl records)? Then come on down and bring pictures to Spiderbox's thread. There are even suggestions for storing and displaying of those records (vinyl records).

Turn on shuffle and review the first 5 songs that appear - a horse of course reanimates this idea for us and it turns out to be quite an interesting read.

Happy 40th birthday, Kurt Cobain! - Professor Murda reminds us to all sing Happy Birthday to Kurt! Sucks you had to kill yourself and all that. When's the next album coming out?

Punk/hardcore/emo megathread: so inspiring, I almost made a stencil - mrmanatee starts off with a list from IGN, but worry not it's a good list and you'll find some great information and suggestions in here.

So Why Are People Still Into Record Players? - Since vinyl is the hot topic for this week, let's visit Avalanche in his thread. If you had any questions about why you should buy vinyl, find answers in here.

[DO IT HOES] Record a whole album in February! - Scuzzpuck got a project together in the Musician's Lounge and it just ended. Head over there and check it out.

Explosions in the Sky - Nativity Sheen provides a good example of how Concert Calendar can help fans of live music.

The TV IV. Do you like shows? On TELEVISION? If so, this is the forum for you! Aatrek watches TV too!

The Office: "Cocktails" - Clouseau's weekly thread is full of horrifying fan art, episode GIFs, and pages and pages of hilarious running commentary for this week's episode.

Life on Mars: Series 2 - The fantastic British police / mystery / time travel show returns for a second run, and it's just as good as ever. Brought to you by guvnor.

Jericho - CBS's awesome yet awful post-apocalyptic soap opera gunfight drama returns after taking like four months off, in this thread by baskil. Try not to roll your eyes so much!

Babylon 5 - After nearly eight years, Babylon 5 is returning with all-new DVD movies. We can barely contain ourselves in MassRayPer's 18-month-old ongoing thread.

TV's Saddest / Most Depressing Moments - Does TV make you feel bad about yourself, or just make you cry like a baby? Yeah, us too. Come feel down in Aatrek's thread.

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