The Crackhead Clubhouse. They do drugs so you don't have to. Not that you should, because it is illegal, and the stuff here is only for informational purposes and blah blah blah. BRB Buddy probably does drugs, but he also does Forum Fridays:

The Volcano Thread - A wealth of information about everyone's favorite luxury smoking apparatus, the Volcano vaporizer system!

VaporGenie vaporizer pipe review - A review and discussion about the world's first true handheld vaporizer.

Salvia Divinorum: The megathread and FAQ - A true megathread for Salvia divinorum, a popular legal dissociative. It includes a large amount of information of Salvia's effects, risks, and where to buy it.

Riding for Rohan: A Four Way LIVE Acid Trip Report - An alternatively informative and entertaining 4-way acid trip report.

Anyone interested in testing these? - Dude fulfills every DARE stereotype ever - tries to give away mystery drugs. And maybe death!

DIY: Toolbox --> Covert bong carrying case - Our resident MacGuyver sirr0bin made this fun little bong carrying case out of a normal household toolbox! Discreet and handy!

The Firing Range. Guns! Who doesn't like guns? I mean, besides victims of gun violence. King Hotpants shoots down this forum.

Own an AR15? You are a terrorist! - Furry Hunter's thread about the fall of Jim Zumbo, who maligns "terrorist" rifles on his corporate-sponsored blog. The subsequent hue and cry causes the loss of his sponsorship and career.

Unpopular opinions - Ocdk asks what unpopular or uncommon opinions we have about guns and gear.

A Very Gunny Inheritance - LostTourist's friend "Bob" gets an inheritance from his grandfather that makes the entire forum drool.

Photos from the Marine Corps Museum - Toxicity posts a huge collection of photos from the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA.

Let's Build a Para FAL - Nightops runs through how to build a complete rifle, from parts.

Fight the Good Fight with LEGO weapons packs! - Double Tap shows us realistic firearms for small plastic people.

Stupid Newbie Tricks - Blistex tells us how NOT to act around guns! Plenty of fun stories about near-death experiences.

Have you ever shot a hard drive? - Gendo asks a bunch of nerdy gun people if they've ever shot a hard drive. Pictures follow.

Leaving for the Navy in six days - Elsto85 asks about Navy basic training and what to expect.

Why do you think Gtab should come to the US? - MoparPogue discusses strategies on how to get Gtab, a Canadian, into the United States Marine Corps.

Pet Island. Do you like dogs or cats? Sure, we all do. Light_urple brings us stories from the land of the pet. The island of the alive.

Rapcat! - WARNING: Putting your cat in a paper bag so it looks like the mascot featured in a popular fast food commercial is considered FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY. You may think this is cute, but your pet thinks this is PAIN and SUFFERING. Again, DO NOT attempt to stuff unwilling animals into food packaging and post a video of the act on a site like YouTube. This has been a public service announcement from Mnemosyne and the nice people at Fox News.

Show me pictures of you torturing your pets! - Vanessa encourages PI pet owners to post pictures of their pets being tortured Rapcat-style. Shame on all of you!

Pet Nutrition Megathread - Dog and Cat Food Questions Answered Here! - Forget that grocery store cat and dog food! Labinnah and friends will teach you about the best brands that can keep your pets happy and healthy.

Let's show off our tanks! - Learn a few things about maintaining beautiful fish tanks or just enjoy the cool pictures.

Service dog asked to leave Cali Walmart because of breed - Switchblade Susie alerts us to a situation where a woman was asked to leave a Walmart store due to her service dog's "vicious" breed (Pit Bull). An informative discussion on breed discrimination and the definition of "service animals" follows.

Let's show off our -CUTE- designer dogs! - Why pay $1200 for a pet store Puggle when you can find one for $50 in a shelter? In this Tongue-in-cheek thread started by The Red Queen, PI shows off some lesser known "Designer Breeds". 'Uggles and 'Doodles and 'Poos - OH MY!

Inherited a horse and a goat - Haji has inherited an elderly horse and his goat buddy. Cute!

Low-maintenance pets that I could hide from an R.A.? - What kind of pets can college kids like Rev4n keep in their dorm rooms? Check out this thread for some critters to compliment your loft and beanbag chair.

Babies! - Third Peppermint's finches had babies! Great photos of little baby birds. Awww! Babies! They're!

Foxes as a pet? - Foxes may be cute, Hive Mind, but they DO NOT make good pets.

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