Sports Argument Stadium. If you can't play the game, complain about it! SaxMaverick takes us into the exciting world of armchair everythings.

The SAS Wiki Megathread - Want to see behind the scenes of SAS's cutting-edge humor? Read the thread, find the wiki, read some funny shit, then start mass editing that all the teams you hate are faggots!

Greatest Calls from the Broadcast Booth - Relive moments of happiness, or times when you were curled up into a ball crying into your Tony Romo jersey. Either way, see great moments in sports.

Analyze and Predict your Team's Chances - Instead of wading through the shitpiles on ESPN, check out team previews by goons for the upcoming MLB season. Skip over the Tampa Bay section, you already know they'll finish last.

Free Agency Thread - With the free agency deadline in the NFL coming up, get all the knowledge you can about rumors, actual news, and 20 or so grown men pleading with God to bring in Superstar QB Joey Harrington.

NCAAF Fulmer Cup - Where any team can win a championship! - The REAL college football trophy that matters - named after strict disciplinarian Phillip Fulmer, this cup gives points to colleges in the offseason for run-ins with the law, including drugs, battery and fightin' in da club!

NCAA Men's Basketball Thread - The Refs are Bias(ed) - Its time for March Madness, so read up, post during the UNC-Duke shitfest, watch as people whine about refs, and get ready to fill out your bracket with your champion Wichita State Shockers!

NHL Trade Deadline '07 - Sturm for WHAT?!?!!? - The trade deadline approaches, watch this thread CLOSELY for trade rumors of NHL All-Star Rory Fitzpatrick!

NBA Gameday Feb/March - How 'bout them Mavericks? - Come post during games and get a FREE Dwight Howard Sticker! (Will not actually recieve a sticker)

Makin' It Rain: The Life and Times of Pacman Jones - There's not enough for this thread. Read as Mr. Adam "Pacman" Jones throws many at strippers, then beats them for taking it.

Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse. Not all anime is about tentacles and rape. Some of it is about pedophilia too! Of course I'm joking. Nobody has made such a joke before! Ever! Fishmech brings us the lowdown on this so-called "animation."

The ADTRWiki: Telling you to watch Haruhi since 2007. - As Pierson says: "Since the old Anime Recommendation Thread had several problems that made it a chore to search through, we've decided to set up a small wiki to be its replacement." The place to go for recommendations of anime to watch based on shows you've watched before.

One Piece Discussion Thread #2 - Pirates, with cursed fruit that gives people strange powers while preventing them being able to swim! Following Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who stretches like rubber and his crew as they search for the legendary treasure of One Piece and try to become King of the Pirates.

Death Note (56k gets their name written down) - A boy named Light finds notebook on the ground labeled "DEATH NOTE", and upon picking it up sees a god of death. He learns that anyone who's name is written down in the Death Note will die nearly instantly, of a heart attack unless further instructions. Light uses the Death Note to kill criminals, but the government sends L and other officers after him to stop him.

Anyone want to help me research Big Fucking Robots? - Do you like giant robots that will destroy things, fight, and make things explode? You'll find out all about important anime featuring them in this thread.

Massugu GO! Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! - High school life in the year 2035, where schools are closing all over the world due to an extremely low global birthrate.

Rozen Maiden Ouverture Pre-Thread: Junk in the Trunk - Another extension to the series about enchanted dolls with strange powers who fight each other to the death.

What is the average age of the typical SA anime nerd? - What are the average ages, and favorite anime of ADTRW posters? Are there... GIRLS in ADTRW? Find out!

Help an anime fan who's fallen out of the hobby considerably - All about the best recent anime and good place to find new shows.

Naruto Shippuden Thread 1: Fillers are finally over, it's about fucking time! - Where to discuss everyone's favorite anime about a ninja who wears orange and has a evil spirit sealed inside him, now back to following the actual story instead of time-filler!

Sum up an anime with a couple sentences or less - Anime and manga summed up with snappy one line jokes, fun for all!

Automotive Insanity. They're crazy about automobiles just like I'm crazy about Corbin Bernsen. TheAlphabetSez exports some insanity to us all.

Want to make my Miata shiny... is Zaino worth it? - Atomic Johnson poses the ultimate of detailing product questions, Zai-no or (cleverly) Zai-yes? Grab your Collinite and join the debate on whose paint cream will make you cream.

BMW Owner Registry - Das Volk does his best to display how true the phrase, "BMW drivers are assholes," really is.

Cheap Car Owner Registry - Nija shows everyone, you don't need a BMW to go fast; but he still wants one.

Ride Height: Goofy Status Achieved! - 24" spinnas on ya Impala RS whip? My nigra The Iron Giant, shows up in his wildly lifted Passat.

aftermarket security suggestions - Hate having your shit stolen out of your car? So does wiglaf -- so come learn how to avoid having that massive porno tape box collection in your trunk jacked.

Rotary Engine Anti Defamation League hoodies - The rotary engine, god's gift to man through zee Germans, or laughable apex-seal junkie? Come see as Mobn heads the Rotary Engine Anti Defamation League.

Four GM vehicles to star in Transformers film - KTF shows us GM's latest attempt to market themselves towards anyone willing to listen. Transformers the movie not bad enough already, come here for the redeeming (not really) news.

Got my car pinstriped!!! - LobsterboyX is like the godfather within our community; he is old(er), big and powerful and has an exquisite taste for old American Muscle. Here he displays his new tattoos for his Buick. Just don't try and tell him that it is ok to race with power, anything.

Has anyone here run 3-phase machinery on 240v single phase power? - Octavio Barnaby Sr asks a relevant question and I finally learn about 3-phase electricity.

Smartplugs? - Possibly the next best automotive scam following the Tornado Fuel Saver. Advent Horizon presents, "Smartplugs." Only because your existing sparkplugs, are dumb.

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