Forum Friday, now on Monday's! That's right, welcome to Forum Friday Monday! Here's a list of interesting threads ending on 3-19-07!

General Bullshit; a general discussion forum with everything from current events to painfully boring e/n threads. Forum representative: SpecialOlympian.

Internet Mystery 2007: Voicemails, Mexicans and Semen. - The Pitbull returns with another epic mystery thread. Join him in a relentless quest to find a mysterious homosexual Mexican. Links to updates are provided in the OP. A link to The Pitbull's previous epic mystery thread can be found here.

Elias: King of the Mall - Anoxia poses a moral question to GBS: Would you beat the everloving shit out of a 13 year old if he was extremely irritating? In binary, the answer is 1.

Page 4 Elias responds to emails by changing the lyrics of songs
Page 9 Elias’s current known gmail
Page 11: Anoxia and Fez set a cunning trap for Elias
Page 12: The goons catch elias in gtalk
Page 13: Elias repents, apologizes profusely to Anoxia, and a good laugh is shared by all.

Gerald Armstrong: Scientology is the cult of total espionage - Post ITT if you want to get on the Suppressive Persons list. Chronocyder_Spyder shares an interview with Gerald Armstrong, an ex-Scientologist whose family was forced to flee to Russia. DrivesLikeAGirl and unicorn gangsta share their own experiences with the church on page 2.

Spiny Norman Explains Politics to the Internet For No Goddamn Reason At All - A guide to American political culture and world history as written by an Australian. Highly reminiscent of Dave Barry’s old writing, back when he was funny and wrote books like Dave Barry Does Japan.

This one is for the Grunts - RIP Lance Corporal Castillo Jr. Prometheus shares an inspired journal entry from the day one of his comrades was killed in Iraq.

How a Tadpole Came to Hatch from My Urethra - Swelling Rebellion's username is oddly appropriate for the story. If, like me, you own a penis you will be gripping it reflexively in a vain attempt to shield it from the horrifying mental images. Kreeningsons shows off an emote he created for the thread on Page 5 and Og Oggilby posts an audio clip of the reading on page 6.

Dude, where's my ride? - wayfinder finds ways to make scenes funnier by removing the vehicle. As innocuous as the title sounds, nothing is sacred in this thread.

The Epic Gilgamesh Portrayed As Pokemon - We all know the story of Gilgamesh, fifth ruler of Uruk, son of Lugabanda. It's almost cliche. But can a cross-promotional venture with Pokemon breathe new life into this dying franchise? Aqua_by_Jandy thinks so.

Anyone know how to say "hotlinking" in Chinese? - LandownEyes shows everyone why imageleeching is a bad idea after a New York based Chinese language newspaper leeches from his site. On page 4 Owlofcreamcheese shows us funny pictures found in the Chinese forums.

Are you a duclod? - Kath's school has been plagued by mysterious and hateful letters from all over the country for the past 15 years. Recently, an internet detective solved the mystery and wrote an article about her search for the mystery mailer.

Ask / Tell. People will ask things. You can reply. People will tell you about things. You may read them. Pretty all-encompassing. THESE SOCKS? is here to serve you today's quick list.

Martial Arts Ask/Tell: Kick, Punch, Cuddle, Kiss, it's All in the Mind. - Phrost offers up his knowledge about the martial arts in this kickin' thread.

Ask Me About Working At Kennedy Space Center - Haggins doesn't claim to be an rocket scientist, but he still might be able to answer some questions you have.

Did you ever know a murderer or a murder victim? - Seerauber Jenny starts off with her story and invites other posters to chime in.

Ask me about having Multiple Sclerosis - do what now tells us what it's like to live with MS.

We work the Porn Store! - DickSlurpowitz is a Dildo Technician, proud of it, and ready to answer your questions.

Ask me anything you want to know about Saturday Night Live - Home4Kwanzakkah has read up on his SNL and he's ready to impart his knowledge unto the world.

Post Your Favorite. Another general interest forum, this one where users may post, well threads about anything that is their favorite. Cars, desktops, women... whatever. Thank Zero Star!

PYF SINGLE DUMBEST THING you have ever heard - We've all been there. Every single one of us has said something incredibly boneheaded at one point or another. tendrilsfor20, on the other hand, was smart enough to create this thread to showcase our funniest gaffes, blunders and "What the FUCK did you just say?" moments.

Favorite punk album? - Rev4n establishes his "underground" credentials with this, the thread of choice for those who know that punk existed long before the likes of Avril Lavigne and Green Day rose to power.

PYF Beatles album - The appropriately-named Paperback Writer instigated this thread that celebrates the lovable Liverpudlian quartet and their extensive back catalogue.

Post facts you wish you DIDN'T know - Ever wanted to know that ten pounds of pressure can collapse an eyeball? Or that you can fracture a rib by sneezing really hard? No? Too bad, because this thread contains loads of horrible facts such as these. It was Reassuring Minority's idea, so blame him.

PYF Frank Photo - A thread led by PenguinBC, dedicated to posting pictures of PYF's official mascot, Frank the cat. Also included are Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa, posted by those who slightly missed the point of the thread.
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