Once again, happy Friday Monday to you! Let's check and see what's been going on around the Something Awful Forums!

General Bullshit; a general discussion forum with everything from current events to painfully boring e/n threads. Forum representative: SpecialOlympian.

The Burger King - Chester asks everyone to join him in photoshopping the King. Oh Burger King, why are you so lovable? The Duracell battery people still cause nightmares to this day, but you’ve snuck your way into our hearts. Be sure to check out the .gif Bloke posted on page 3.

Tales from a courthouse employee - Colton shares humorous stories, almost all of which are conveniently edited into the first post. Modeski chimes in with some less funny and more serious stories on page 2.

True tales from a Security Guard II: Now with alligators and assault - Thesoldier and his cast of crazy veterans return with more stories of the wacky hijinx that happen in Florida highway rest areas.

"Darling, how do you feel before your wedding?" - My grandparents, in love - Aatrek digs up some old family letters and photos from right before his WW2 fighter pilot grandpa got married. By golly! That is one hot GMILF you've got there.

Sub-par T-shirts, Part The 4th - What do I know about Tambourine Man? I know he's a funny guy. I know he uses photobucket. And I know he doesn't pay for it. Phuck photobucket guys, use Waffleimages goddamit! Also, out-irony all the assholes on campus with this shirt EvilGenius designed and DustyDuvet is peddling.

Guantanamo Bay Detainee, DAVID HICKS, on MTV's Cribs - Ranger Dan created this hilarious video for you to enjoy. The bottom link has more music. And yes, we all get that Hicks was in the Taliban. The point is he should get a trial. On pages 2 & 3 Wrenchmonkey educates your sorry ass on the legal loopholes that allow Gauntanamo to exist.

Goons : Illustrated (NWS) - Haha, Tenshu you newb! You thought you could offer to do free drawings of Goon usernames and only a few people would want it. Jokes on you! Now hurry up and get to mine. New pictures start on Page 4, get more frequent with each page. Tenshu posts a list of artists on page 10, which is convenient for searches.

Dear SA: WE NEED YOUR HELP. - Lobsterkins, who happens to be the second incarnation of Christ, asks SomethingAwful to help defend his wiki from the forces of evil. Who will SomethingAwful side with on the day of judgement when Lucifer marshals his forces at the gates of Heaven? Hell is more fun anyway.

Ask / Tell. People will ask things. You can reply. People will tell you about things. You may read them. Pretty all-encompassing. THESE SOCKS? is here to serve you today's quick list.

Ask me about being a dwarf - Forum user Tendai checks in at 4'2" and can hopefully clear up any questions you have about dwarfism.

Ask me what it's like to have killed people with my hands - jaredfromsubway recounts this tale from the US Marine Corps.

Ask me about being a Heroin/Crack Addict - Karl Bartos III gives you a look into the life of a drug addict.

Ask me about being a butler! - Have a question about butlers? SkippleNanifram is at your service.

Post Your Favorite. Another general interest forum, this one where users may post, well threads about anything that is their favorite. Cars, desktops, women... whatever. Thank Zero Star!

Official Pictures of Women thread - After an extensive hiatus, one of the most popular threads in PYF makes its comeback! Because, hey, everyone loves to post pictures of women, right?

Official Pictures of Men thread - To show that PYF is all about equality, the "post pictures of men" thread makes a comeback too!

The movies that disappointed you the most - Because they can't all be winners, this thread lists the movies that just weren't up to the lofty expecations of the goon population.

The Games Forum. If it's about games, and it's on a forum (this forum), then it's on The Games Forum. Mr. Onslaught provides these links:

Let’s Play Some Resident Evil (Raccoon City Jamboree) - At this pace, The Dark Id will be forced to go through Resident Evil Gaiden in no time.

The 1st evar PSTriple MEGATHREAD - Only for the true players who understand why the Playstation 3 is the most ballin' console out there.

Virtual Console Megathread: Paying to play games from 1987 - Wario Woods: Misunderstood classic or simply the greatest graphical showcase in NES history?

Those little details in games... - Games are an art that require subtley, nuance, and grace. Also, explosions.

What was your single most disappointing game purchase? - Are you there Myst II? I trusted you...
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