~*~ Debate and Discussion ~*~
Reppin': Yiggy
"With great power comes great responsibility." Knowledge is power, right? So smart people are really responsible? Now riddle me this: if these guys are so smart, why are they being so irresponsible with their time by debating things on the Internet all day? DEBATE THAT ONE, INTER-TOADS!!!!

First Republican debate tonight at 8PM EST on MSNBC - Hey, political candidate threads, we got more every week! Here is the Republican Debate thread. Discussion is pages after the gameday discussion.

Let's Talk Dome Homes .. of the FUTURE!! - You, too, can live in Dr. Wiley's incredibly ugly castle.

Are there universal morals? - Are there universal morals?

The Evolution vs Creationism Crusades - Are educators taking too brash a stance towards creationists, driving away potential students? Or, is an aggressive response to intelligent design creationism justified?

"We can't stop talking about Religion" megathread - If you like to talk about religion and theological issues, this thread is for you.

~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': light_urple
Are you a pet fan? A fan of pets? Do you kiss your pets more than you kiss people? Have you ever given a cat CPR? Do you sometimes wish you could have pot-bellied pig babies? You disgust me.

The highs and lows of pet intelligence (post stories!) - MooglyGuy asks us to recall some awesome stories about the smartest (and dumbest) pets we've known.

Wow I have come a long way (Bean pics) - the story of GobbleDeGook's beautiful pit, Bean, and now her new boyfriend, Benny. More proof that pits are horrible baby-eating monsters.

Adopted Cat with fancy name. - Allistar adopts an adult cat named William Gentleman. He's a cutie, but his sibling was still back at the PetSmart adoption center. Now Allistar has two beautiful kitties!

Then and now! Baby-adult pictures - this picture-crazy thread started by Mlle Selkie is just an excuse for everyone to post cute baby pictures of their favorite pets!

How to Bathe a Cat - Historian started this thread full of excellent tips on how to do a job that's usually a huge pain in the ass. It's seriously lacking on pictures of wet pussy, but it does have a link to the automatic cat washer.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno
Have you ever been polishing your extensive gat collection, then stopped to longingly look at your keyboard and wish you could discuss cleaning your guns with somebody? Who hasn't? That's what I want to know.

Help With Arisaka Parts - Seminole Wind manages to butcher 2 military surplus rifles for the sake of half a pound and "hunting."

Supreme Court, Here We Come! - The Washington DC Handgun Ban is getting appealed, and it looks like it's heading straight to the Supreme Court.

Ore�ns and PNW Goons - Lets show some Californians how it's done in May! - Stat1c_X and a bunch of Oreg�ns post photos of their adventures in Corvallis with firearms.

My Family Found an Early Production Luger in my Grandfather's Collection - And they want to sell because keeping an heirloom in the family is far less important than $2000- that nobody in the family needs.

Holster Review Thread - Pt II - Part two of the wholey successful Holster Review thread by Dirty Urine Test.

Firearms Web Resources Thread - Mikerock has no idea how to use Google so he had to ask TFR how to search for gun information.

Newbie Shooting Success Story - SoundMonkey got to shoot off Mikerock's rifle with very sexy results.

What is your nightstand gun? CharlieX just wants to prove that the whole of TFR is overly paranoid.

FOID Card Issued to 10-Month Old Baby - Baby Bubba got his first gun at age 10 months. Aww, you go baby Bubba.

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