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Reppin': SpecialOlympian
What a great day at the gym. First I was listening to Jock Jams, then I was covered in them.

ExplosiveBuck sues Pillsbury corporation for unfair commercial usage of his likeness. - I remember one time when I was like 8 there was 400 pound woman swimming in the community center pool with me and she was doing laps. I would swim down to the bottom of the pool and stare at her through my goggles because it looked like her fat was stuck in zero G and wiggled about like a lava lamp. Fat people disgust me fuck you if you're fat.

Mythbusters' Adam Savage goatse pics leaked onto the web - they're REAL! - The picture is worksafe but I wouldn't click on this link if you're in a crowded area because people will wonder why a pair of gross hairy man legs are taking up half your screen.

Home Economics, 1959 style! - Defintion of a Happy Home. Most of us would agree that if we can influence the kind of home we have, we should strive to make it a happy one. Have you ever tried to define a happy home? Your first thoughts might turn to the kind of car you have, how much money you have in the bank, or whether you can buy anything you want.

Photoshop the new choking safety posters - Let's see if we can use clever subtitling to imply something of a sexual nature.

Movies with Album Names - Yay break out your photoshop we're gonna change some titles into gold.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno
Have you ever been polishing your extensive gat collection, then stopped to longingly look at your keyboard and wish you could discuss cleaning your guns with somebody? Who hasn't? That's what I want to know.

HK Surplus Pistols for Sale! ONLY $29!!! - Enjoy this exceptional deal on surplus HK Pistols while it lasts!

XS BigDot Boogaloo: Glock Related Gun Science! - Time to change those cheezy plastic sights out on your Glock with something more manly.

Firearms Evolution: Optics - Come discuss the latest trend in murder machine technology!

The_Rat, are you still alive? Rare tornados hit The_Rat's area - I've got 50 bucks saying he's strung up in a telephone pole.

PNW Springtime Günmeat - Ever wonder what a failed goon meet looks like?

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