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The Soju Mega Thread - Drinking Was Never Meant to be Fun
- Korean Sterno Appreciation Station

Have you ever been snubbed at a restaurant?
- 'I was catching dinner with a friend before a movie in Santa Monica. We sat down at "Teasers" on the promenade. Long story short, our waiter literally vanished from the time we ordered until the check came. All our food was delivered by the poor busboy or runners. The one time the waiter came out to take another table's order he blatantly ignored us. So I left a 2 cent tip.

He ran out after us and started screaming "You fucking COWARDS! What the fuck!" in the middle of a crowded street. What a dick. The shithole of a restaurant closed 2 months later to be replaced by a Beanery.'

Convenient Frozen foods
- Frozen oatmeal what?

Rembrandt I ain't, so help me learn how to plate!
- Space, white plates, no spills, etc. Plating is pretty easy. It's the photography that's hard.

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Post Your Favorite Podcast - I used to think a podcast was a competition between Apple hating nerds to see who could throw their iPod the farthest.

PYF 5 albums - I could very well go into a state of deep introspection and unearth from the depths of my maimed psyche which five albums I enjoy the most, or I could not and copy/paste a section of Anal Cunt's discography. You see, I consider myself a student of comedy.

Post your twitter name! - Astird

PYF Monty Python segment - I like the one where the nerd with the horribly nasal voice pretends to be a Knight of Ni while I'm standing next to him in the elevator.

Post book passages that crack you up - "Firstly, under the head of necessary duty to oneself: He who contemplates suicide should ask himself whether his action can be consistent with the idea of humanity as an end in itself. If he destroys himself in order to escape from painful circumstances, he uses a person merely as a mean to maintain a tolerable condition up to the end of life. But a man is not a thing, that is to say, something which can be used merely as means, but must in all his actions be always considered as an end in himself. I cannot, therefore, dispose in any way of a man in my own person so as to mutilate him, to damage or kill him. (It belongs to ethics proper to define this principle more precisely, so as to avoid all misunderstanding, e.g., as to the amputation of the limbs in order to preserve myself, as to exposing my life to danger with a view to preserve it, etc. This question is therefore omitted here.)" Kant. Freaken. Owns.

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