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Reppin': concerned mom

my 6 year old autistic step brother is driving me INSANE - Fitting analogy for the forums? 'tranceMiNuS' makes us all take a deep look at ourselves and realise we don't need to turn that light switch on three times or grandma will die.

shivadas - Let's get down and mellow with everyone's favourite bong-making ex-mod. Our host for tonight is 'Mr. Self Destruct'.

horse - Not really sure why this never made it in before. Do you like horses? No? Well no one does. They are horrible animals. Anwyay, here's 19 pages of them. Thanks 'Mr. Ruffles'. I hope you choke!

smoking weed adminning the forums also consuming alchohol - Looks like Bill Fillmaff somehow got a promotion on the forums. Maybe he handed over some of his poker winnings. 'Fragmaster' ~~~

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Reppin': Elbonio

Tell me - What would you do without the internet?. I like to think that I would go outside and live life again but the reality is I would probably spend it adding captions to photographs in preparation for when the internet came back.

Ask me about the Kingdom of Denmark. Don't forget about Denmark! There may be no more Vikings but they still got their political/religious satire!

Tell: me how to fix the economy. Invent your own money. Seriously man, it's the way forward. By the way I wtb a new car, if anyone doesn't mind being paid in McDonalds straws then please get in touch.

Tell me how to maximise my odds in vegas. Card count?

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