I'll be the first to admit I don't know a damn thing about hacking / cracking, nor do I really care to learn. Sure, I consider myself "l33t" because I wrote many exciting text-adventure games in BASIC on my Apple IIC, but beyond that I don't know a damn thing about programming or hacking. I leave all the techincal crap up to the professionals, and stick to writing nonsense for SA and VE.

With this in mind, it really struck me by surprise that some idiot out there ICQed me, asking for help hacking somebody's computer. I assume some other smartass gave him my UIN, claiming I could aid him in his pursuit of wannabe l33tness. So I ended up giving him all the help I could by making up various bullshit computer terms, inside jokes, and bogus definitions that usually had something to do with this site. Good luck hacking, Pike.

PiKe - are you on? "because today you do not have n/a"

Lowtax - yes

PiKe - oh ok i heard you where a good hacker?

Lowtax - Oh yeah, I'm SUP4H L33T

PiKe - what does that mean?

Lowtax - It's secret haX0r code faG0t!!!

PiKe - ok well ive been told you can help me

Lowtax - Y3S, MY chILD?

PiKe - ya i need to know how do get into someones comp using their ip# and stuff and like get stuff or something

Lowtax - Do you use Service condition release pak 12-C or the alt. release?

PiKe - ya ummm what?

Lowtax - What operating system are you using?

PiKe - oh, windows 98

Lowtax - So what release client / host TCP protocol do you have installed?

Lowtax - What kind of hacking have you done in the past? I need to know so I can determine what skill level you're on.

PiKe - not realy ANYTHING i have lots of hacking programs but most of them don't work but i know what phreaking, hacking, cracking are ive read up a little

Lowtax - Have you done any work with the Pusherbot v2.1 client hack prog?

PiKe - nope

Lowtax - What about a basic Shoverbot? These programs force fake data packets through a false TMCPT server and reroute the service modules for outgoing packets which can screw up their net connection

PiKe - no like i said all ive done is read up a little and downloaded a few stuff

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