When will people learn that there's absolutely no point in getting angry and cursing at somebody on the Internet? Since you're more than likely never going to meet the other person you're trying to yell at, it's worthless to try and intimidate them with insults or bodily harm. If these idiots were able to form even the most basic of rational thoughts, maybe they would realize this. But, as I'm sure you have already noticed, these morons are on Something Awful for a purpose - they have the intelligence of paste, or perhaps Jeff K.

The idiot in this prank, Mongoose, is a shining example of why we need to start pumping billions of dollars into our educational system. Not only does he seem to have some kind of hyperactive thyroid problem, but he also tries to pass himself off as some manly, violent, cursing homophobe. It gets even more "interesting" when he gets off the computer and lets his sister use ICQ, at which point I "turn the tables" on them.

WARNING: This prank has VERY strong language, and it will probably cause you to lose faith in all humanity.

Mongoose - Hi

Mongoose - what are you doing

Lowtax - Working

Mongoose - on what

Mongoose - You are a very boiring person, fuck u

Mongoose - You suck my cock every day

Lowtax - I know, you turn me on!

Mongoose - What the hell you fucking freak, fuk u

Lowtax - Do you enjoy the beach?

Mongoose - I just insultyed u u fuckin priock

Lowtax - Have you ever ate bar-b-que?

Mongoose - Fuck ur bar-b-que whatever

Lowtax - How do you feel about "The Golden Girls"?

Mongoose - The golden girls suck ass, its only for stupid lesbos

Lowtax - I once went to the circus and there were lions and one of them took a dump and then the trainer came out and stepped in it and fell down

Mongoose - Youre lying you idiot

Lowtax - I DO NOT LIE Lying is for awful men


Mongoose - I will get all of my firends asnd we will kick your ass, we will fuind j00

Lowtax - OH NO!!! Are your friends big and sweaty and sexy like you? ANSWER ME PLEASE, HOT PANTS

Mongoose - were gonna sick oru pitbull on you you fucking prick, then welll laugh and shiut pon tyer face mother frcker!

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