Spammers who are trying to get you to invest in their idiot company are perhaps the best type of people to prank on ICQ. Since they're trying to sell you their shit, they'll put up with a lot more than other people, because if there's just a vague glimmer of hope that they might get a few of your bucks, they'll continue to carry on the conversation. Brandon is a great example of this, and I thank whoever sent this guy my way. I love these guys.

Brandon - good morning! May I take a few minutes of your time and show you an investing opportunity? I talked with a friend of yours on ICQ and he told me to contact you because you might be interested....

Lowtax - Yes, I have been searching for one!

Brandon - excellent! First I'll give you a little background on my involvement with the company, who I am etc....that is if you aren't in a rush right now

Lowtax - No, I am simply rotating my monitor around so the colors shall be more vibrant

Brandon - My name is Brandon Isaac. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada I am the webmaster for Cashew de Oro, which is an offshore company. They previously exported tropical fruits, plants and nuts. Recently they issued a set of Corporate Bonds, which carry a 20% interest rate. I'm sure that since you've been searching for an investing opportunity, you are aware of the many investing scams that are out there. We are not like that. We do not require you to sponsor people, we are simply a one - one relationship

Lowtax - Relationship? Like male bride relationship? PHillipino? I'm sorry, I don't speak the best English and I don't know aware of many investment companies.

Brandon - here's our website: Depending on what resolution you have your monitor set on, it might show up off-centered etc. I've been having trouble with that lately but you should still be able to read everything. Go directly to the Corporate Bonds section, that's where you'll find the information you're interested in...

Brandon - oh I'm sorry! You speak such good english I didn't notice! relationship - the business relationship we have with you. You would be our customer, client, associate etc. Does that make sense now? Don't hesitate to ask me anything that you don't understand....I know what it's like to speak a second language. I speak spanish

Lowtax - Oh! I am looking at the website now, very interesteing! May I please add you to my list so we may converse some more?

Brandon - yes for sure! add me to your list. I try to be online between 3-6 hours per you can find me quite often, or you can email me your questions as well.... here's my email address:


Lowtax - Oops, sorrey, I was trying to send that to my mother!

Lowtax - I'm not the best with Computers!

Brandon - hehe don't worry! I send the wrong messages to people all the time :)

Lowtax - Hahe, okey, that is good then, I don't feel like "Mars-Clod" or anything! So you are shipping bananas to corporations then?

Brandon - I'm not sure about bananas.

Lowtax - But that is exotic fruit, there is pictures of it on the picture!

Brandon - yes we ship many different exotic fruits, plants and nuts. I'm just the webmaster, I know lots about the Corporate Bonds, but not about the shipping of our fruits

Brandon - you said you live in the Phillipines....but your ICQ info says you live in USA?

Lowtax - No, I am come from the Phillipines!

Brandon - oooh ok cool

Lowtax - This is a very nice site, you do design well!

Brandon - thank you very much!

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