Andrew K. has one of the first user-submitted pranks to ever be featured on SA. Showcasing the fact that stupidity on the Internet is about as common as spam mail, Andrew turns the tables on yet another clueless idiot that's taking up valuable bandwidth somewhere.

Pepper - r u waiting 4 me 2 talk 2 u, or do u not wanna talk 2 me?

Mindfuct - I'm playing the waiting game!

Pepper - oh. i was, too. i always wait for people to talk to me first. it kinda causes me problems, though, but we won't get into taht.

Mindfuct - why do you always wait?

Pepper - cause i'm incredibly shy. i do that face to face with people. even my friends.

Mindfuct - awww don't be shy with me my friend.

Pepper - :) well, how do i know u'r not busy?

Mindfuct - I don't do work. I don't get busy.

Pepper - so anytime i see u online u don't mind if i talk to u?

Mindfuct - not at all, unless I am enjoying a good game of kanasta!

Pepper - what's kanasta?

Mindfuct - It is a game of the mind involving world domination and paper cups!

Pepper - world domination and paper cups????

Mindfuct - Yes the paper cups represent the enemy states and you must burn them once you rape and pillage their towns

Pepper - okaaaaay..............

Mindfuct - You have never played this wonderful game?

Pepper - never even heard of it.

Mindfuct - I shall teach you get some cups

Pepper - how many?

Mindfuct - Oh about 4-500

Pepper - 400-500?! forget it. i don't have that many cups.

Mindfuct - Well you can purchase them from the local cup store

Pepper - local cup store?

Mindfuct - Yes you don't have those?!

Pepper - we have no cup stores where i live

Mindfuct - I have a cup store, they sell all kinds of cups, from pewter to plastic to paper.

Pepper - ??

Mindfuct - Fine, don't believe me!

Pepper - ok, ok. don't be like that. fine, i believe u.

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