The whole "really fucked up rodeo" idea that I used in this prank had actually been floating through my head for a few days before this. I even made a picture to accompany it, whenever I would actually get around to doing the prank. However, the first two people I tried this material on didn't fall for it; one of them saw my Voodoo Extreme email address in my personal info, and determined I wasn't being serious. The other person simply stopped responding about midway through. However, as they say, the third time's a charm, and I lucked out with "Stevie". Take note of my wonderful "photo" towards the end.

stevie - hey, whats up?

Lowtax - what's up?

stevie - what are you doing?

Lowtax - Just cruising the information superhighway, collecting my email address on the way!

stevie - huh. You play sports huh?

Lowtax - What?

stevie - (SOME RANDOM PERSON I'VE NEVER HEARD OF, EDITED OUT) told me you play a lot of sports.

Lowtax - Oh yeah! I'm a total sports nut, pal!

stevie - what do you play?

Lowtax - Aw shit, pardner, lots of stuff. You ever hear of "Big Texas Monsters of Rodeo?"

stevie - wjhat's that, some kind of sports in Texas?

Lowtax - Yeah pardner, we gots a league in Pantalones Del Fuego, Texas, for "Big Texas Monsters of Rodeo" here.

stevie - huh?

Lowtax - What?

stevie - what?

Lowtax - huh?

Lowtax - We gots a Big Texas league here, we compete!

stevie - oh. okay. Do you play football any?

Lowtax - We gots some diff'rant leagues here, kinda like football.

stevie - like what? soccer?

Lowtax - Nah, we call it "Tall Sky Rope Rodeo". We get a young buck, throw it in the rodeo, and throw ropes and barrels at it until it starts running around, then we try to jump on it from above.

stevie - sounds dangerous.

Lowtax - You bet! I almost lost an arm last year in the Cabeza de Oro championships!

stevie - is it for money? Do you compete for money?

Lowtax - Yeah pardner! Me and my friend Spermy Joe got first and second place in the "Twist n' Tuck" competition last month! It was on ESPN 3! Did you see it?

stevie - no, I don't get those channels

Lowtax - It's a dag-burned blast pardner! We herd a bunch of cattle into a ring, which has broken glass and nails all over it! Then we got to jump on all the cows backs and try to rope them!

stevie - sounds illegal.

Lowtax - Then people in the audience throw liquor bottles at our heads! Then the lights go out and we gotta rope the cows in the dark!

Lowtax - It's not illegal!

stevie - What?

Lowtax - G:BJKKJBK:GR({U$T*()#$(&T$(P&GIHKVppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

stevie - what?

Lowtax - What?

stevie - what?

Lowtax - Huh?

stevie - why did you just write that?

Lowtax - Write what?

stevie - you wrote "G:BJKKJBK:GR({U$T*()#$(&T$(P&GIHKVppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp"

Lowtax - No I didn't

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