Lowtax - BUY HIGH, SELL LOW right? Thats kind of thing?

Rob - No, no, you buy low, and sell high!

Lowtax - huh?

Rob - Hmmm, your profile says you are only 23, yet you say you are 32.....

Lowtax - YES, HOW DO YOU CHANGE THAT? we all use same computer in house

Rob - I'm not sure. Well, do you think you have enough information to start?

Lowtax - no, you dont tell me anything, you SPELL SNAKE OIL MAN I EXPOSE YOU ON 60 MINUTES, I THINK YOU ARE FAKE

Rob - No, sir, I am not fake. Like I said, we can use iEscrow, which is a place that will hold your money until you get the products.

Lowtax - I use Internet investing service once... I invest much money into account, thousands of dollars, and all I get was fake box and coupon for free!!! THATS BAD INVESTING, now I dont trust shysters! WATCH OUT SIR, I AM ONTO YOU

Rob - So, you are telling me you are not interested?

Lowtax - I AM, but I dont fall for tricks you know! I have street smarts! You best tell me more about investing before I give card!

Rob - Okay, what our company does is send daily reminders to houses about stock tips, like a stock advisor. On top of that, you get free monthly pamphlets and reports about the stock market. It makes sense.

Lowtax - what is company name? Rob'S STOCK COMPANY? HOUSE OF ROB? ROBWORLD? you dont tell me, I think SCAM!!! I am smart, I detect scams like corpse in wind

Rob - No sir, our company name is Finance2K, helping you invest, track and coordinate your funds.

Lowtax - Where is are is your company is at? New York? I live in Califronia

Rob - Yes, we have a small office in Albany, NY

Lowtax - How come you dont have webpage huh? I am ONTO YOUR TRICKS, companies have webpages on geocities if theyre real! YOUD BETTER NOT BE TRYING TO SWINDLE ME SIR

Rob - No, we are working on a webpage right now as we speak. We have our own host, not geocities.

Lowtax - OH like AOL? Do you use FLASH? I use that, makes fast webpages with color red sometimes, I program at home, make menus and dialtones, you know webpage stuff SORRY IF I AM SKEPTICAL of your company sir, but i have been SWINDLED BY THREE YOUTHS IN THE PAST

Rob - No, not like AOL. No, we are not using flash on our website. Do you think you have enough information now?

Lowtax - Yes, I think so, you make good news about money making investments, I think I want letters and flyers and posters or whatever you sends me in mail, free samples of perfume or whaetver. I needs to get credit card from mother, she still on phone, talking about some kind of crazy things, she be off in 3 minutes SIR

Rob - Okay, let me know

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